How does the Royal Family make money?

I have always wondered how the royal family makes money.  I mean Harry and Megan are giving up “royal” but what does that REALLY mean?  This is so interesting.  This is how they make money.

Could you only wear 33 items in 3 months?

So I watched the documentary the Minimalist last night on Netflix.  I know this has been out a while and this challenge is old.  Have you ever tried this before?  It really interests me because I do tend to wear only certain things from my closet over and over and the other stuff (I do […]

Luke and Lionel are NOT invited to Katy Perry’s wedding?!

These 3 do have some great chemistry on Idol but Katy Perry is getting married and Luke and Lionel are not invited to her wedding.  She says she can’t afford them and will they perform?!  This does get a little awkward.  I think she is just kidding but she has said she wants a small […]

What to shop for today for Presidents Day

Presidents Day is a BIG shopping Day.  If you have the day off or whether you are at work today shopping online today it is a good day for some stuff and not for others.  This will tell you what you should be buying to get the best deal.  Happy Presidents Day!

Surprise proposal on Ellen!

Oh my goodness!  I love this so much!  Ellen is the queen of this kind of stuff and I think I may have something in my eye and I don’t even know these people!  Happy Valentines Day….spread LOVE today.

Does Bachelor Peter end up with a producer from ABC?

I’m not sure I believe this.  I think they have been too public on socials with his family.  All we know is it is a dramatic ending and reality Steve hasn’t even predicted who Peter chooses.  So what do you think?

Amazing puzzle solve on Wheel of Fortune

How does this even happen?  I mean was it a lucky guess?  People took to social media and were stunned she solved it with barely any letters.  She’s better than me!

Imagine getting a Lyft and Will Smith picks you up!

Will Smith was in Miami promoting Bad Boys For Life and picked up unsuspecting riders in his LYFT.  Can you imagine getting picked up by Will Smith?!  How fun.  Looks like he had lots of fun with the riders too.

Falshback to this 13 year old who interviewed Kobe Bryant

Many forgot about this interview this 13 year old did with Kobe Bryant.  Heartbreaking now to watch and he asks him what he spent with his BIG paychecks when he first started in the NBA and he even does rapid fire.  Watch till close to the end he even asks him Beauty and Beast or […]

The Bill Murray Super Bowl Commercial

First of all I Love Bill Murray and I loved that they did this spot since it was Ground Hog Day yesterday as well.  One of my favorites from the game!  In case you missed it watch it now!

Randi West

Randi West has been in the music business for more than 20 years.  She has been on air for most of her career, but has also handled Music Duties, Promotions Director duties, and more during her career which has included stops in Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina and most recently Tampa. Delivering fun and interesting content to […]