Trying to lose weight from isolation

Some people have gained weight and some have lost weight (probably some of that is related to stress) so I thought it was a good opportunity to do a reset on how we are taking care of ourselves right now.  Great tips and small things you can do!

What your dog is doing when you aren’t home

This is Lucy the beagle.  The owners were concerned as they would find weird things after they left the house so they set up a camera and guess what?  Lucy wants what Lucy wants LOL!

Deep Cleaning Your Fridge!

If you have been cooking more at home you probably need to do this.  I know I do!  Here is how to deep clean your fridge.

Drive thru Weddings

Quarantine Weddings have been tough.  People have had to cancel or pivot to different ceremonies.  Watch!

Are we too hard on our ourselves on productivity in America?

I found this to be interesting.  It’s so true that people just success by productivity but Covid has changed all of that since we are at home and maybe work/life balance has changed.  Simon is a leading motivational speaker who puts things into perspective.

Goulash Recipe

This is my goulash recipe that I’m making this weekend!

Quarantine from the Closet

This woman has been posting videos from her closet while in quarantine with her husband and it’s hilarious!

A preview of Blue Angels in South Florida today

Here is what we can expect from the Blue Angels over South Florida today.  This was the view from Dallas flyover.  I know they will be to the south in Boca but maybe take a drive to see them.  I mean it gives us something to do right?!

Weddings planned for this summer are complicated

So many weddings postponed or being pivoted to smaller gatherings.  Some ideas for those of you trying to navigate this difficult time for the big day for you or your children getting married this year!