KVJ Videos

Can Dennys Tell If Your High?

Give us a call if you are stoned (or not) we take 3 contestants and see if Producer Dennys can tell if they are high or sober!

Missed Connections (3-26-18)

It’s a sad day for Craigslist- They are closing down Missed Connections 🙁 This may be the last time you hear Kevin’s creepy voices!

Drunk Girl Trivia (03-16-18)

She visiting some friends and partying at Cocktails and Karaoke! She love’s lemon drops, but how will she do in trivia- and a better question… How will our host do in asking the questions?

KVJ Pop Off (3-12-2018)

Everyday that Suits get’s closer to Virginia’s Pop Off record, he grows in smugginess! Will he break Virginia’s record and reach maximum smug or will he be defeated and remain Smug Jr?

Songs That Were Ruined For You

Is there a song out there that you just can’t stand anymore- Not because it’s a bad song, but because something bad happened to you and ruined it? Let us know!

Pop Off

Will Suits keep the streak going in Pop Off or will Virginia swoop in and take it from him? Also, Jbird experiments to see if Vodka will help him compete!