KVJ Videos

Think fast (10-07-2018)

We know it’s difficult, but who can Think Fast on a Monday– Virginia, Jbird or Dennys?

Jbirds Movie Drama (10-08-2018)

Jbird went to see the movie “Venom” but ended up having an issue with one of the girls from his group. What happened?

Genius or Gross? (10-04-2018)

Adriana’s husband has a movie theater hack where he grabs a used popcorn container from the trash and uses it to get a FREE refill at the concession stand! Genius or Gross?

Dennys Freestyle Rap (10-03-2018)

Turns out Producer Dennys likes to freestyle rap- Who knew! That being said, some of his content might be inappropriate for 7 am! #ThereIsKidsInTheCar #DennysOffTheDome #HeDoesntReallyFreeStyleRap

F Coogs? (10-02-2018)

Kevin was discussing the scariest Horror Film Villains when Jbird asked, “Where is F Coog’s?” #FreddyCougar #NightMareOnElmStreet

Drunk Jbird Trivia (09-28-2018)

We all have all heard #DrunkGirlTrivia each Friday on The #KVJShow, but what about Drunk Jbird Trivia? #BreakfastTequila

Virginia Is Ready for Her New Pool from Van Kirk & Sons

This is the sad pool situation we have going on right now in our backyard. We can’t wait for the team from Van Kirk and Sons to give us a legit amazing pool!!! We are in the early stages of planning right now.  Gonna get a sunshelf with bubblers for the kids!! So exciting! – […]

Read My Lips (05-24-18)

Jbird and Dennys really have to flip the script this week because Kevin and Virginia just seem to dominate in this game- And now there are medals involved! Who will win this week in Read My Lips?

Damn AutoCorrect

Has AutoCorrect ever changed a word in your text to something dirty or embarrassing? Kevin reads off some funny ones people have accidentally sent off to someone!

Drunk Girl Trivia (5-4-18)

This Girl Is From New Jersey and She Loves Her Wine, But How Will She Do In Drunk Girl Trivia? Also, Where Does Jbird Get These Questions?

KVJ Talks With Jake Paul

Jake Paul talks The Cash Me Outside Girl, His Upcoming Performance at The Fillmore, Strangest Encounter With A Fan and The Secret To His Success.

Joke Jury (5-3-18)

Producer Dennys is ready for another round of Jokes! With Virginia back, Hopefully he can get some laughs from the dreaded Joke Jury!

Gross Popsicle Blind Taste Test

It seems like they are making everything into Popsicles these days- Virginia has three “Good” and three “Gross” Popsicles. Which One Will Kevin, Jbird and Dennys pick?

KVJ Confessional (5-2-18)

Who has done something wrong they need to get off their chest? Can you guess who is in The KVJ Confessional?

The Best Spiderman… according to the internet

After millions of people have seen the latest Avengers movie, one thing is for certain, they believe that no one could have played Spider-Man any better than Tom Holland. Following his performance in the movie, fans have gone to social media and applauded Holland’s performance. “If you’ve seen Infinity War and you still think Tobey […]

Joke Jury (4-26-18)

Dennys back for another round of jokes, but without Virginia, how will the #JokeJury like his “animal themed” Comedy?

Where is Virginia?

Virginia sent a text this morning saying she was going to the hospital cause her face was swollen. What happened?

KVJ Confessional (4-25-18)

Someone on KVJ has to get something off their chest. Can you guess who’s in the KVJ Confessional today?