KVJ Videos

Think Fast (12-17-2018)

Who on KVJ can Think Fast on a Monday morning? (It all comes down to whether or not Virginia drank on Sunday, lol)

KVJ Fake News (12-12-2018)

#KVJ has 4 stories from their past, but one of them is #FakeNews! Can you tell which is the fake story?

Drunk Girl Trivia (12-07-2018)

KVJ Nation is going off in this Drunk Girl Trivia! (and so is Virginia and Jbird)  How will our Drunk Girl do in some Trivia?

Think Fast (12-03-2018)

Who on KVJ can #ThinkFast this Monday morning? (After a very busy and alcohol fueled weekend)

No Name Movie Game (11-30-2018)

Who will win the replacement #NoNameMovieGame Belt this week? Wait, where is the replacement No Name Movie Game Belt? #InVirginiasCar #HeartlessChampion

Raise Your Hand Poll (11-29-2018)

Watch KVJ TV to see which KVJ Show members have done what! Check out part 2 on The KVJ After The Show Podcast here (ATS Podcast Is 18+ Only Contains Adult Language) https://youtu.be/VsWqcKoC-KU?t=867