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⌚Think Fast (01-21-19)🏃

Who can Think Fast on a Monday morning? Virginia is hungover, so if she beats Jbird and Dennys- that means they are really slow!

No Name Movie Game (01-18-19)

Since our phone’s are not working in the studio- Kevin is our contestant today! Who will win the No Name Movie Game with “THE” Kevin Rolston as their partner? 🎧📼

Most Iconic Duos (01-18-19)

Who are the “Most Iconic Duos Of All Time”? Virginia, Jbird and Dennys compete to see if they know their duos! Let us know your favorite Duo of all time! 🏆

Dennys Joke Jury (01-17-19) 😆

Producer Dennys is back in the studio to tell jokes and fight through the smell of Virginia farts! Which stinks worse- His jokes or Virginia’s farts?

Plead the 5th With Kevin (01-16-19)

Kevin is our first contestant for #PleadThe5th in #2019! Can Virginia and Jbird bring the heat and get him to Plead the 5th to their prying questions?

Missed Connections (01-15-19)

Craigslist #MissedConnections doesn’t disappoint when it comes to creepy hook ups! Are any of these posts you- Let us know!

Game of Bones (01-15-19)

Virginia tunes out immediately if anyone on the show mentions #GameOfThrones … So we put her to the test! Can she tell the difference between a “Game of Thrones” character name and a bone found in the human body?

How Hard Did You Age Challenge (01-14-19)

Facebook has a new “How Hard Did You Age” challenge – Basically you post your very first Facebook Photo Next To Your Most Current One and see how well you aged. Turns out people can be pretty mean in the comments! #KVJ reads some funny ones!

Think Fast (01-14-19)

It a #MondayMorning and that means it is time to #ThinkFast! Who can think the fastest in the morning- Virginia, Jason or Dennys?

Here is our Top 5 of what you missed this week on The KVJ Show!

#5 – Think Fast! ___________________ #4 – Raise Your Hand Poll ____________________ #3 – J Bird Box Blindfold Animal Challenge ______________________ #2 – Does Virginia Have A New Side Hustle? ____________________ #1 – J #Birdbox Challenge- Blindfolded Parallel Parking   

No Name Movie Game (01-11-19)

The gang’s back together and ready to play an official round of The No Name Movie Game! Who will be crowned the first winner of #2019? (Last week’s round didn’t count…)

Raise Your Hand Poll (01-10-19)

See what naughty things the #KVJShow members have done- Watch it on #KVJTV to find out who’s done what in The Raise Your Hand Poll!

Inappropriate Disney Toy (01-09-19)

A video recently went viral featuring a Pixar’s #LightningMcqueen toy saying some inappropriate things! Only half the people hear it- Does it sound dirty to you?

Best Stripper Songs (01-07-19)

Kevin reads off the “Top 5 Best Songs To Strip To” and Virginia steals Jason’s act! What other #strippersongs do you think should be added? #2019

Think Fast (01-07-19)

The entire #KVJShow is back for the first “Think Fast” of the #NewYear! Who can think fast on a Monday after the holidays?

Drunk Girl Trivia (01-04-2019)

Even if Jbird is out, we still love our Friday “Drunk Girl Trivia”! Will our drunk girl be able to handle Jbird’s expert trivia questions?

No Name Movie Game (01-04-2019)

With Jason still stuck in Oregon and Dennys flying home today, it looks like The Prodigy and The Bronc got to fill in! Can Suits or Kevin take the No Name Movie Game win from The Witch?

Where Is Jbird? (01-03-2019)

Kevin and Virginia are back from their holiday break! Jbird is not in today and won’t be back tomorrow either. Where the heck is Jbird and why can’t he get back home?