World Record Wednesday – Blueberries (08-26-2020)

Jbird attempts to beat a World Record for the most blueberries eaten one at a time in one minute! The record is 107, but can Jbird get even close with a KVJ respectable score of 75 or will he surprise us all? #KVJShow #WRMF #WorldRecordWednesday

World Record Wednesday-Dount Stacking (06-24-2020)

The Guinness World Record for stacking donuts blindfolded is 7 in 60 seconds. After Virginia sees Jason attempt, she thinks she can do it better. Who ends up our champ and does someone on the KVJ Show now have an actual world record?🌎🏅 🍩 #KVJTV #WorldRecordWednesday #WRMF #KVJShow