World Record Wednesday-Dount Stacking (06-24-2020)

The Guinness World Record for stacking donuts blindfolded is 7 in 60 seconds. After Virginia sees Jason attempt, she thinks she can do it better. Who ends up our champ and does someone on the KVJ Show now have an actual world record?🌎🏅 🍩 #KVJTV #WorldRecordWednesday #WRMF #KVJShow

World Record Wednesday – Most Aerobic Steps (06-03-2020)

Jbird goes for the gold in this week’s World Record Wednesday when he attempts to break the world record for the most aerobic step ups in 30 seconds! Can he beat the current record of 40 step ups or even beat a KVJ respectable goal of 20? #KVJShow #WorldRecordWednesday #WRMF…