Think Fast! – Jbird VS Suits (02-24-2020)

Virginia is at Mardi Gras and Dennys is feeling sick. So that leaves just Jbird and “the kid-the prodigy” Suits, who has never played the game before! Will Suits have beginners luck or will Jbird’s usual screaming distract him? #KVJTV #ThinkFast #WRMF #KVJShow

Think Fast! (09-16-2019)

Kevin’s brain may be fried from the #KVJ48 and he doesn’t know what day of the week it is, but that doesn’t stop him from pinning Virginia, Jbird and Dennys against each other in today’s Think Fast! #KVJShow #ThinkFast! #KVJTV

Think Fast! (02-10-2020)

A fun & full weekend usually means for a slow Monday start! Who on KVJ can think the fastest & win the Think Fast cap? #KVJTV #ThinkFast #KVJShow #WRMF

Think Fast! (05-09-2019)

It’s BACK! Kevin throws out a category & whoever yells out the first working answer can possibly win Think Fast! Who will win the first round back in the #KVJShow? #KVJTV #ThinkFast #KVJ

Think Fast! (06-02-2020)

You only get a point for the best AND fastest answers. Between Virginia, Jbird & Dennys, who is ready to Think Fast! #KVJShow #WRMF #ThinkFast #KVJTV

Think Fast! (01-23-2020)

Jbird is in a good mood & thinks he can win, but he better Think Fast! Virginia is on her toes & Dennys is going to the beat of his own drum. #KVJShow #ThinkFast #KVJTV #WRMF

Think Fast (02-04-2019)

It’s Monday and we all know what that means..time to #ThinkFast ! Virginia hasn’t been drinking, Dennys got sleep and Jbird always wants it the most. Who will be our Think Fast Champion?