Think Fast!

Jbird & Dennys can’t seem to get the Think Fast cap from Virginia as she wins week after week. Even if Virginia is a little slow on this Monday can…

Think Fast! (03-30-2020)

Everyone is well rested from being quarantined & Jbird wants to win the Think Fast cap so he can have all the hardware. Even though he wouldn’t be able to flaunt it anywhere but the grocery store. #KVJTV #ThinkFast #WRMF #KVJShow

Think Fast! (10-21-2019)

It’s Monday and Kevin makes everyone have to use their brains in an early morning round of Think Fast! Can Jbird or Dennys break Virginia’s winning streak? #KVJShow #ThinkFast #KVJTV

Think Fast! (03-23-2020)

Whether it be the extra sleep from quarantining or a change in regular routine, someone on the KVJ Show is extra quick today! Watch to find out who on #KVJTV! #WRMF #ThinkFast #KVJShow

Think Fast! (10-14-2019)

Think Fast starts out pretty slow between waiting for Dennys to come into the studio & Jbird getting tangled in his headphones. Can Virginia keep on her toes this early on a Monday & keep her winning streak going? #ThinkFast #KVJShow #KVJTV