KVJ Show

Extreme Haunted Houses (10-26-18)

Would Jbird be able to survive a victim experience (An extreme Halloween Horror Challenge)  He says he can handle Whips, Clamps and Waterboarding!

State Slogans (10-19-2018)

Nebraska just changed their state slogan to: Honestly, it’s not for everyone. What should Florida’s State Slogan Be?

Dennys Joke Jury (10-18-2018)

Canada legalized Marijuana use yesterday, so something tells us this round of the Producer Dennys Joke Jury is going to be “Weed” inspired- Can he get the gang to crack up?

Missed Connections (10-18-2018)

Are Any of These Missed Connections You? A Woman with TP stuck to her, A Person Who Hates The Jets and a Man Who Has Money But Not Enough To Fix His Teeth?

Weird Things Women Do (10-16-2018)

Women do some weird things- let us know what weird things you have seen women do! (Don’t Worry- Men Aren’t off the hook on this- Tune in tomorrow for “Weird Things Men Do”)

Think Fast (10-15-2018)

Turns out if Virginia doesn’t drink over the weekend- She is quite spry! Who Can Think Fast On A Monday Morning?

Gross Popsicle Blind Taste Test

It seems like they are making everything into Popsicles these days- Virginia has three “Good” and three “Gross” Popsicles. Which One Will Kevin, Jbird and Dennys pick?

Think fast (10-07-2018)

We know it’s difficult, but who can Think Fast on a Monday– Virginia, Jbird or Dennys?