KVJ Show

Thanksgiving Drinking Game (11-21-2018)

Take a shot every time someone does something on our #Thanksgiving Drinking Game List! What personal things from your own Thanksgiving would you add to our list? #TakeAShot

Sing A Song For A Minute (11-19-2018)

Do you know a song well enough that you could sing all the lyrics correctly for a minute? Does Virginia know the lyrics to “Katy Perry’s- Last Friday Night” if she doesn’t Jbird will “Bring The Pain!”

Dennys Joke Jury (11-15-2018)

Kevin is back from Jerusalem, and just in time for Dennys Joke Jury! Can Producer Dennys get the guys to laugh in the Joke Jury?

Lana is Back! (11-07-2018)

Jbird’s naughty nurse alter ego is back and she is fierce! Do you want love advice or possibly a lap dance? Well, you have come to the right place!

Loser Line (11-06-2018)

Here is an old bit we found audio of- The Loser Line! Guys, step up your game if you are leaving a message for a girl you just met!

Drunk Girl Trivia (11-02-2018)

Why does Jbird sound so different? Maybe because he is sober! How will our Drunk Girl do in this round of #DrinkGirlTrivia

Raise Your Hand Poll (11-01-2018)

This is why KVJ TV is good to have- KVJ answers prying questions by only raising their hands! Find out who on KVJ has “pleasured” themselves at work…

Shocking Shazam (10-31-2018)

Kevin knows his music, but how will he do in a “Catchiest Songs” round of Shocking #Shazam? Also, Jbird is in charge of the shock collar! #Spooky #Halloween2018

Missed Connections (10-30-2018)

Halloween brings out the creepiest Craigslist Missed Connections ads! We are looking for a Vampire, Skankenstein and Someone To Take An Adult Trick or Treating…

Candy Corn- Yes or No?

Jbird says 80% of people hate Candy Corn, If he is wrong- he has to eat a pound of Candy Corn! Vote on our poll!

Think Fast (10-29-2018)

Virginia, Jbird and Dennys  go head to head to see who can Think Fast on a Monday!