KVJ Show

No Name Movie Game (02-15-19)

Virginia, the heartless champion, didn’t even remember she was last week’s winner, but now she has to go head to head with Jbird for the #NoNameMovieGame Belt! Who Will Win?

What's Going On This Weekend (02-15-19)

SOUTH FLORIDA EVENTS FRIDAY * III Points Festival in Mana Wynwood *Tyler the Creator & Beach House *Michael Bublé at the BB&T Center *Bryan Callen at the Palm Beach Improv (thru Saturday) *Jeremy Piven at the Miami Improv (thru Saturday) *Delray Beach Open at the Delray Beach Tennis Center (thru 24th ) *Les Miserables at […]

Dennys or Animal?

Can you tell the difference between a snake and Producer Dennys making snake noises? See if you can!

Relationship Benchmarks (02-11-2019) 💏

💘Valentine’s Day is coming up this week and love is in the air! Do you agree with the list of ‘Relationship Benchmarks’ Kevin gives us? What are your relationship benchmarks? #KVJTV

Top 5 Videos of the Week!

#5 – Jbird’s New Hobby- Grimsly (02-05-2019) #4 Dennys Joke Jury (02-07-2019) #3 – Jason Ruins Another Surprise Party(02-05-2019) #2 – Dennys or Animal? (02-06-2019) #1 – Plead the 5th with Suits (02-05-2019)  

Dennys or Animal? (02-06-18)

Do you think you would be able to tell the difference between an animal and Producer Dennys making an animal noise? See how well you do! #DennysOrAnimal

Fact or Fiction? (02-06-19)

It’s #FactOrFiction! How up are Virginia and Jbird on their Science Facts- Can they tell which ones are real and which are Kevin trickery?

Chunky Milk Sudden Death (02-05-2019)

There was a #SuperBowl commercial that had #ChunkyMilk in it and it was grossing everyone out! Suits lost #SuddenDeath and must correctly identify 3 chunky milks while blindfolded – Can he do it?

Jbird Has A Call Out (02-04-2019)

Uh-Oh! Seems there is a thief in our midst! Someone stole the smoothie Jbird got for his dad from our work fridge! Here is what we know so far…..

Think Fast (02-04-2019)

It’s Monday and we all know what that means..time to #ThinkFast ! Virginia hasn’t been drinking, Dennys got sleep and Jbird always wants it the most. Who will be our Think Fast Champion?

Top 5 Videos of the Week!

5) Hip Hop Spelling Bee 4) Can Farts Freeze? 3) Jbird Got Called Out! 2) What Makes You Hard To Date? 1) Raise Your Hand Poll

Can Farts Freeze? (01-31-19)😱

With all the cold temperatures going on this week #KVJ decides to get to the bottom of a very important Science Question- Can Farts Freeze?

Hip Hop Spelling Bee (01-29-19)

Virginia and Jbird are old school when it comes to Hip Hop Music, so how well will they do in a Spelling Bee with modern #HipHop Artist names?

Think Fast (01-28-2019)

Who can Think Fast on a Monday? Virginia basically roasted Jbird at the Lasagna Cook Off over the weekend and now he wants to take The Witch down! This #ThinkFast match is personal!