KVJ TV (04-30-2020)

Watched what you missed today on The KVJ Show without the commercials & music right here on KVJ TV! Celeb ‘All In Challenge’Auction, Dennys Joke Jury, KVJ Hero of the Day-Vanilla Ice, Who is Legit?-“I Got Stabbed!”, Raise Your Hand Poll, 4 Second Exercise with Jbird, and Virtual Hook-Up Or…

KVJ TV (04-29-2020)

Getting A Dog Just For Instagram Likes, Facebook Fishing, Quarantine Hookups With Neighbors Can Get Awkward, Mags Gets Pulled Over By The Police, World Record Wednesday-Eating Grapes with a Plastic Spoon, Jbird & Dennys Delivery Issues, KVJ Jerk Jury, and KVJ Hero of the Day. #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (04-28-2020)

What Is Reopening Soon In South Florida, From Zorro To Zero, Off Duty Neighbor Flirts With My Girlfriend, Social Distancing & Food Trucks, Jbird’s New Tattoo Ideas, Who Has The Grossest Car On KVJ?, Soul Gazing With Jbird & Dennys, and KVJ Hero of the Day. #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (04-27-2020)

Will Jbird’s Chore List Past ‘Virginia Law’?, KVJ Cocktail Hour -Talent Show, Negative & Positive Call Them Outs, Stump The Bird, Soul Gazing, Hook-Up Or Hang-Up, Think Fast!, Grade Your Work Vending Machine, and #BeCool Coronavirus Stories. #KVJShow #KVJTV #WRMF

KVJ TV (04-24-2020)

No Commercials – No Music – No Pants – No Kidding. Watch the chaos you missed today on KVJ TV! No Name Movie Game, What My Significant Other Does To Make Me Cringe, Jbird & Dennys Try The Bicycle Tik Tok Challenge, Coronavirus Term Free Friday, Missed Connections, New Roll-playing…

KVJ TV (04-23-2020)

You’re Not Old Until You Turn (blank), Coach Pat’s Thoughts Outta Left Field, Dennys Joke Jury, New COVID Dictionary Terms, Jbird’s Neighborhood Frisky Cats, Raise Your Hand Poll, Did Rocco Do It?, Learning To Deal With Your Quarantined Sentencing, Hook Up Or Hang Up, Talk Dirty To The Bird, What…