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KVJ Full Gorilla Beer Release (02-15-19)

Due South debuts the new KVJ Beer #FullGorilla inspired by Jason and his love for high octane beers! If you would like to join #KVJ tonight for the #FullGorilla Release Party at Due South Brewing visit- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/758106661242293/ Twitter https://www.brewbound.com/news/due-south-brewing-company-to-release-full-gorilla-imperial-red-ale

No Name Movie Game (02-15-19)

Virginia, the heartless champion, didn’t even remember she was last week’s winner, but now she has to go head to head with Jbird for the #NoNameMovieGame Belt! Who Will Win?

What's Going On This Weekend (02-15-19)

SOUTH FLORIDA EVENTS FRIDAY * III Points Festival in Mana Wynwood *Tyler the Creator & Beach House *Michael Bublé at the BB&T Center *Bryan Callen at the Palm Beach Improv (thru Saturday) *Jeremy Piven at the Miami Improv (thru Saturday) *Delray Beach Open at the Delray Beach Tennis Center (thru 24th ) *Les Miserables at […]

Dennys or Animal?

Can you tell the difference between a snake and Producer Dennys making snake noises? See if you can!

Relationship Benchmarks (02-11-2019) 💏

💘Valentine’s Day is coming up this week and love is in the air! Do you agree with the list of ‘Relationship Benchmarks’ Kevin gives us? What are your relationship benchmarks? #KVJTV

Top 5 Videos of the Week!

#5 – Jbird’s New Hobby- Grimsly (02-05-2019) #4 Dennys Joke Jury (02-07-2019) #3 – Jason Ruins Another Surprise Party(02-05-2019) #2 – Dennys or Animal? (02-06-2019) #1 – Plead the 5th with Suits (02-05-2019)  

Dennys or Animal? (02-06-18)

Do you think you would be able to tell the difference between an animal and Producer Dennys making an animal noise? See how well you do! #DennysOrAnimal

Fact or Fiction? (02-06-19)

It’s #FactOrFiction! How up are Virginia and Jbird on their Science Facts- Can they tell which ones are real and which are Kevin trickery?

Chunky Milk Sudden Death (02-05-2019)

There was a #SuperBowl commercial that had #ChunkyMilk in it and it was grossing everyone out! Suits lost #SuddenDeath and must correctly identify 3 chunky milks while blindfolded – Can he do it?

Jbird Has A Call Out (02-04-2019)

Uh-Oh! Seems there is a thief in our midst! Someone stole the smoothie Jbird got for his dad from our work fridge! Here is what we know so far…..

Think Fast (02-04-2019)

It’s Monday and we all know what that means..time to #ThinkFast ! Virginia hasn’t been drinking, Dennys got sleep and Jbird always wants it the most. Who will be our Think Fast Champion?

Top 5 Videos of the Week!

5) Hip Hop Spelling Bee 4) Can Farts Freeze? 3) Jbird Got Called Out! 2) What Makes You Hard To Date? 1) Raise Your Hand Poll