KVJ TV (06-30-2020)

Fact Or Fiction-American Edition, The Pandemic Cancels Lap Dances, Dennys Or Animal, What Ever Happened To…?, KVJ BBQ Twitter Polls, Am I The Jerk?, FLM.com, 4th of July DIY, and Great Things About America! #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (06-29-2020)

New Mask Rules, Jbird’s New Song-Wear Your Mask!, COVID Cancels 4th of July Festivities, Camp KVJ, Think Fast!, Call Them Out, Facebook Fishing, Raise Your Hand Poll-Sex Bucket List, Blindfolded Foot Race-Jbird VS Suits, Rising Coronavirus Numbers In Florida, and Kevin’s 4th of July Travel Plans. #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV