No Name Movie Game (05-08-2020)

Jbird wants to win the No Name Movie Game belt not only because it’s his birthday weekend, but because he wants to flaunt it during the KVJ Cocktail Hour. Kevin updates us on the win stats & they are getting close! #KVJTV #NoNameMovie

No Name Movie Game Year End Stats (12-20-2019)

It’s been a long year & KVJ has played the No Name Movie Game pretty much every Friday! With the help of a KVJ listener, Kevin gives us the year end stats for the No Name Movie Game & reminds Jbird that he shouldn’t doubt himself. #KVJTV #NoNameMovieGame #YearEndStats #KVJShow

The No Name Movie Game (05-10-2019)

The KVJ Show has gotten a NEW custom made belt & Jason really wants to flaunt it! Will Jbird’s birthday luck help him in this round of The No Name Movie Game?🎬 #KVJShow #NoNameMov ieGame #KVJTV

No Name Movie Game (05-04-2020)

Kevin has the No Name Movie Game belt from substituting for Jbird last week, but Jbird wants the belt back! So Kevin & Jbird go head-to-head in a round to see who will play on Friday. #KVJShow #WRMF #NoNameMovieGame #KVJTV

No Name Movie Game (12-20-2019)

It’s the last game of the year & Jbird really wants to win it! Not only to flaunt it over the winter break but really because he left the belt at his house. #NoNameMovieGame #KVJTV #KVJShow

No Name Movie Game (05-01-2020)

With Jbird at home tending to his dog Chewy, Kevin shakes off the rust & jumps right in to his spot in the No Name Movie Game. Can he win the round & keep Virginia & Dennys away from the belt? #KVJTV #WRMF #KVJShow

No Name Movie Game (12-13-2019)

Jbird proves to be a forgetful champion & leaves the No Name Movie Game belt at home on top of his Mountain Dew fridge. Will Virginia or Dennys get the makeshift trophy he’s made? #PassDennys! #KVJShow #NoNameMovieGame #KVJTV

No Name Movie Game (04-10-2020)

Jbird has kept the No Name Movie Game belt for 3 weeks! Never in the history of KVJ has he won 4 times in a row. Can he do it this week & keep the belt away from Virginia & Dennys? #KVJTV #WRMF #KVJShow