Missed Connections (05-22-2020)

The quarantine is leaving all the overly sexual people with a bad case of “skin hunger”! Kevin reads some COVID Missed Connections & Virginia joins in to narrate one herself! #KVJShow #WRMF #MissedConnections #KVJTV

Missed Connections (03-20-2020)

Kevin reads some overdue Missed Connections posts submitted by KVJ listeners. The coronavirus doesn’t scare the twisted people who have other diseases to worry about. 📰💌🦠 #KVJShow #WRMF #MissedConnections #KVJTV

Missed Connections (10-17-2019)

Grandpa is looking for someone who has a fetish for senior citizens, a party boy looking for fun and a big woman looking for a big man. Kevin gives us a great performance while reading ads looking for love on Craigslist! #KVJShow #MissedConnections #KVJTV