KVJ TV (10-19-2020)

Think Fast, Call Them Out, Stepping into Crazy, Rent Your Own Theatre, What Bizarre Things Americans Find Attractive, Most Popular Slang Word The Year You Were Born and Jbird’s Trip…

KVJ TV (10-16-2020)

No Name Movie Game, Van Life, Missed Connections, Feel Good Friday, Shock Paper Scissors, Can Dennys Tell If You’re High and When You Were The Crazy Ex? #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (10-14-2020)

World Record Wednesday-Leap Frog Jumps, Dirt of the Day, FML and Whacked Out News! Everything you missed today on KVJ TV is right here without any commercials or music! #KVJShow…

KVJ TV (10-13-2020)

Random Questions, Dennys Or Animal, Facebook Fishing, KVJ Entrepreneur and What Weird Stuff Is In Your Pockets? #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (10-12-2020)

Think Fast, Unconventional Movie Descriptions Game, Hubie Halloween Review, Fact Or Fiction and Who’s Cried About Something Small This Morning? #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (10-09-2020)

No Name Movie Game, Sex Headaches, Shock-Paper-Scissors, Sexy Topical Halloween Costumes, Missed Connections, KVJ Confessional and Can Producer Dennys Knows When You’re High? #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (10-08-2020)

Somebody Gets It, Should I Expose My Step-Father For What He Did, Dennys Joke Jury, KVJ Draft-Best Toys Of All Time, Devil Tree Field Trip and Which Actors Appear Shirtless…

KVJ TV (10-07-2020)

Jbird is BACK! Watch everything you missed today on The KVJ Show! Facebook Fishing, Which Is Better and World Record Wednesday! Catch it all right here without any commercials or…

KVJ TV (10-06-2020)

Who Costs More To Cameo, Celebrity Marriages, Clickbait Game, Dennys Or Animal and Who Does Rocco Love More-Virginia or Peppa The Pig? #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV