KVJ TV (04-16-2021)

Feel Good Friday, No Name Movie Game, Jbird One Bite Challenge, Producer Dennys Knows When You’re High, Food Hacks and Songs You Didn’t Realize Were Dirty. #KVJShow #WRMF

KVJ TV (04-13-2021)

Kevin brings in the weird questions, Virginia brings in the gabagool, and Jbird loses his nuts about nuts. Catch what you missed today at 6pm on the KVJ Replay only…

KVJ TV (04-12-2021)

Jbird gets secret audio of a drunken Virginia over the weekend! She came over to party but Jbird wanted to watch The Twilight Zone. Listen to what you missed today…

KVJ TV (04-07-2021)

Who do you think would win in an arm wrestling competition, Kevin or Jbird? Watch everything you missed today on The KVJ Show music & commercial free, right here on…

KVJ TV (04-02-2021)

It’s not just a good Friday, it’s a GREAT Friday! Download the 97.9 WRMF app & catch up on what you missed today on the 6pm KVJ Replay!

KVJ TV (03-31-2021)

It’s a World Record Wednesday and KVJ has gotten a new shock collar to try out! Everything you missed today is right here without any music or commercials on KVJ…

KVJ TV (03-29-2021)

Think Fast, Call Them Out, Sexiest Bald Man and more! Watched what you missed right here on KVJ TV! #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (03-26-2021)

Feel Good Fridays, No Name Movie Game, Radio Station Vending Machine Snack Challenge and Can Dennys Tell If You Are High? #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV

KVJ TV (03-25-2021)

Jbird is back, feeling better and ready to bring you the weirdness! Listen to everything you missed today on the 6pm KVJ Replay, only on 97.9 WRMF! #KVJShow #WRMF #KVJTV