Coronavirus Term Free Friday (04-24-2020)

We are all getting tired of all the new verbiage & words like Coronavirus, Covid-19, Pandemic, Social Distancing, Quarantined and Shelter In Place. To keep KVJ from saying these words they remove a piece of clothing each time they say one. It gets weird & more than one person ends…

VJD Spelling Bee (04-22-2020)

Sports has been canceled & Kevin is so bored that he puts Virginia, Jbird & Producer Dennys against each other in a Spelling Bee! Who on the KVJ is the best & worst at spelling? #KVJTV #WRMF #VJDSpellingBee #KVJShow

Name The Stain! (05-08-2020)

See It, Sniff It, Taste It! If you can’t guess the stain by looking at it, you have to smell it & if you can’t guess the stain by smelling it you have to taste it! Whoever gets the lowest #SuddenDeath card gets to Name The Stain! #KVJTV #WRMF #NameTheStain