Facebook Fishing (02-12-2020)

These hoes must GO! Nosey neighbors make for some really interesting social media posts. A group of women band together to push out their new promiscuous neighbors. #KVJTV #FacebookFishing #WRMF #KVJShow

Facebook Fishing (07-18-2018)

Everyone’s sad today on Facebook and they are letting everyone on social media know it! Who gets the best (and worst) actor award today in Facebook Fishing?

Facebook Fishing (01-29-2020)

Someone calls out a Facebook Fisher who always chums the water with cryptic posts to get attention. But this time they may actually need thoughts & prayers. #KVJTV #FacebookFishing #KVJShow #WRMF

Facebook Fishing (12-11-2019)

Kevin gives Producer Dennys too many lines & Jbird’s Brooklyn accent starts to throw him off when the #KVJShow reenacts a scandalous paternity post in today’s Facebook Fishing! #KVJShow #FacebookFishing #KVJTV