Dennys Joke Jury (10-03-2019)

How much does Haley Joel Osment charge for an autograph? Producer Dennys gives you the dumb but funny comedy in “Dennys Joke Jury”! #KVJShow #DennysJokeJury #KVJTV

Dennys Joke Jury (02-27-2020)

After a few days with a head cold, Producer Dennys is back in the studio to make us laugh! Can he get the whole KVJ Show to crack up? #KVJTV #DennysJokeJury #WRMF #KVJShow

Dennys Joke Jury (09-19-2019)

Producer Dennys comes in to the studio to try & get the entire #KVJShow to laugh. Even though he didn’t know it was “National Talk Like A Pirate Day”, he still gave us a funny pirate joke!#KVJShow #DennysJokeJury #KVJTV

Dennys Joke Jury: Avengers Theme (05-02-2019)

All you Avengers End Game fans out there can let us know, how did Dennys do in this themed round of Joke Jury? Can he get #KVJ to laugh with just Avengers jokes? Find out here on #KVJTV! #DennysJokeJury #KVJShow #AvengersEndGame

Dennys Joke Jury (02-06-2020)

How did the Proctologist feel about not being invited to the party? Find out in today’s Dennys Joke Jury and see if he can get KVJ to crack up with a hilarious round of jokes! #KVJTV #DennysJokeJury #WRMF #KVJShow

Dennys Joke Jury (08-29-2019)

Dennys gives us a little pre-storm comedy in Dennys Joke Jury. Even if he laughs at his own jokes, can he get Kevin, Virginia and Jbird to laugh too or will it be a category 5 disaster? #KVJShow #DennysJokeJury #KVJTV

Dennys Joke Jury (04-25-2019)

With only two microphones working in the studio, Dennys has to get up close & personal with Virginia & Jbird. Can he still get #KVJ to laugh? #KVJShow #KVJTV

Dennys Joke Jury (01-30-2020)

Dennys is wearing a smart guy Princeton College sweater, but will his jokes be just as smart? He gets 5 chances & really caters to his audience! #KVJShow #DennysJokeJury #YetiOrNot #KVJTV

Dennys Joke Jury 08-22-2019 (18+)

When Producer Dennys tries to get the #KVJShow to laugh, he leaves the risky joke for last. What was the punch line from Dennys Joke Jury that got him DUMPED by Kevin today? #KVJTV #DennysJokeJury (18+ Adult Content)