Do you have drinking rules?

“Beer before wine is always fine” has been used by people for years in order to avoid a hangover. A new study exposes that theory. 90 people were given beer and wine in one order the first week and in reverse order the next week. The participants were asked how they felt after each night […]

Tall? Grande? Venti? Trenta? Do You Get Mixed Up, Too?

Starbucks has invented a language for ordering coffee that only its acolytes truly know. Forgoing the typical small, medium and large format, you have tall, grande, and venti. But what do those sizes actually mean? How much coffee, and by that note, caffeine, are you ingesting with each cup of Joe? A tall is 12 ounces, […]

Travel With Your Girlfriends! It's Good For Your Health!

Feeling down? Well, grab your friends and take a trip because according to a study, taking time to spend with your friends is good for your mental and physical health. As a matter of fact, a study was done back in 2016 that said spending time with friends increases oxytocin, the feel food hormone that’s […]

What's Trending? I'll Tell You With "Trending With Tracy" On CBS12!

CBS 12’s Teri Hornstein and I are OBSESSED with the Netflix documentary on the failed Fyre Festival!  Have you seen it?  We discuss! It’s about the amazing music festival that never happened, huge things were promised, nothing was delivered.  It was a mess and the guy who planned it/scammed it – Billy McFarland – went to jail! […]

One Of The "Good Guys" From The Fyre Festival Is Getting His Own Show!

I liked this guy!  I would watch! Many of us met Andy King for the first time by watching the Netflix documentary, Fyre Festival. He is the one who was willing to “take one for the team” so they could get water for the festival.  THAT is dedication!  Did you watch?!  If you did, you know […]

Madonna To Be Honored During The GLAAD Media Awards!

GLAAD has announced that they will honor Madonna during the 30th GLAAD Media Awards. During the May 4 ceremony, Madonna will be recognized for her activism for The LGBTQ community. “Madonna always has and always will be the LGBTQ community’s greatest ally and it’s only fitting to honor and celebrate our biggest advocate at GLAAD’s […]

YES! P!nk Has A New Album Coming Soon!!

Try to act surprised when she makes the official announcement later today….. But P!nk is about to send her fans into a frenzy when she makes the announcement that she’ll be releasing a new single and album!! She’s going to make the announcement this afternoon on Ellen and will also reveal that a video for her new […]

DREAM JOB!!! Royal Carribean Will Pay You to Travel!

If you want to travel the world and get paid to do it, Royal Caribbean is looking to hire you for the job of a lifetime. Royal Caribbean is now looking for someone to fill the role of a Shore Explorer “Apprentice-Ship” and the person chosen will see some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Your […]

But Why?

I guess there isn’t that much to do in the Czech Republic when it’s cold.  So why not swim UNDER THE ICE OF A FROZEN LAKE?!  The guys name is Petr and as far as I can tell, he just did it to do it.  Not a reality show for a prize, not to break […]

Going From Vampire To Batman? Can Robert Pattinson Handle Being Bruce Wayne?

Last week, it was confirmed that Ben Affleck wasn’t returning as Batman and many names have come up as his replacement. Now the name that ‘s being linked to the part is Robert Pattinson!  Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat? The rumor was started by illustrator BossLogic who made a poster of Pattinson as the star of The Batman and in […]

Spongebob Fans Are Not Happy About The Super Bowl Half Time Show

SpongeBob fans begged the NFL and Maroon 5 to see the animated character perform at the Super Bowl and they got their wish. Well, at least one part of it. A Change.org petition was started following the death of the cartoon’s creator, asking that the song “Sweet Victory” from the show would be performed at Sunday’s […]

Are You Ready For "Super Bowl LIV" LIVE From Miami In 2020!

The Miami Super Bowl Host Committee unveiled the new Super Bowl LIV host city marketing campaign “LIVE IT MIAMI” during the National Football League Handoff Ceremony in Atlanta with the premiere of the Committee’s official hype video featuring one of Miami’s most recognizable voices and prominent artists, Pitbull.   The yearlong campaign aims to highlight South Florida […]

Who Do You Think Would Win In A Fight? P!nk Or Christina Aguilera?

Diva on diva crime? Christina Aguilera is trying to set the record straight on an incident between her and Pink. Back in 2017, Pink appeared on Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen asked her about a feud with Aguilera from back in the day. Pink said, “Actually, she swung at me in a club.” Aguilera was on WWHL Thursday […]

Would You Stop Using Facebook For A Month For $102?

Ummmm, no brainer for me!  It’s a YES! Researchers have found that getting rid of your Facebook profile can make you happier, but can also result in you being less informed. In a study done at New York University and Stanford University, participants were given $102 to shut off their Facebook accounts for a month. […]

Fans of Seinfeld Are Going To LOVE This Bar!

Will double dipping be allowed? A new sports bar in Sacramento, California will be named after George Costanza! The place is called Costanza’s will open on Superbowl Sunday. One of the many TV’s at the sports bar will have old episodes of Seinfeld playing on a loop even when other games are on. When asked about the name, a […]

Every Big Game Related Show You Need To Know About This Weekend!

As I said before…I’m only into Sunday because of the food and commercials!  But there is so much more leading up to the game! • Saturday at 8:00 p.m. on BET:  “The Super Bowl Gospel Celebration”. • Saturday at 8:00 p.m. on Animal Planet:  “The Dog Bowl II”. • Saturday at 8:00 p.m. on CBS: […]

Chicken & Cheetos?! Thank you KFC!

Original or Extra Crispy?  What’s your favorite?  There is something new to add to your favorite list! KFC is trying out a new and unusual combination on their chicken sandwiches. The restaurant is trying out a chicken sandwich with a layer of Cheetos and “special Cheetos” sauce to go with it. Right now, the release […]

Cops Say It's Too Cold To Steal In Wisconsin!

Sorry robbers, crooks, thieves, swindlers and villans….Police in Green Bay, Wisconsin told thieves that it’s too cold to steal. On Tuesday, The Green Bay PD issued a cancellation to all criminal activity in the area because of the historic low temperatures. Police Chief Andrew Smith said, “With the wind chill warnings, we simply cannot have […]

Happy Susan G Komen South Florida Race For The Cure Day! Get Your Results HERE!

Today, you joined the fight.  You, along with thousands of others, helped Susan G Komen South Florida save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer. With your help, Komen South Florida is having a real impact against breast cancer. Find out […]