Have You EVER Seen A Wedding Actually STOPPED? You Will Here!

One woman took the words “speak now or forever hold your peace” to the extreme, showing up at her ex’s wedding wearing her own bridal gown. OMG! Was it a joke?  Meant to go viral?  Or was it real?  I feel bad for this lady, then again, she’s CRAZY! In a video shared on the Chinese social […]

Tax Day Is Approaching! Are You Done Or Waiting Til The Last Minute?

Tax return not a big as you had hoped?  You’re not alone with that thought. I’m just impressed with myself as I did them MYSELF last night on Turbotax!  That was seriously so easy…took all of 30 minutes. As of March 29, total individual tax refunds are down $6B compared to this time a year […]

More Walking Dead Spin-Off’s Coming Soon!!

In a very ironic twist, The Walking Dead will live on.  But doesn’t it have to?!?  The world can’t END!  Someone has to figure out how to keep it going and make it better and somehow end the cycle! AMC is planning to add a third series set in The Walking Dead universe. The new scripted series will […]

Netflix & Chill with Beyonce on April 17th!

“We are getting Ivy Park x Adidas. Lion King Movie. Lion King Soundtrack. Now a Beychella documentary 😭 the Hive is been fed!” Thanks for that awesome verbal summation Lesego Shokane! **commenter on netflix**

Sorry Friend, We’re Breaking Up.

Sometimes, a friendship just doesn’t work out.  Who knows why, but you know it has to end.  Most likely it was THEM and not YOU….so don’t worry about it. HA! But if you find it’s no longer beneficial to you and stressing you out, it’s time to say byeeeeeeeee! Here are some signs that say […]

GIANT Toilet Paper Roll From Charmin Coming Soon!

If you’re the person who gets stuck realizing the toilet paper roll has run out, you’re going to be excited for Charmin’s latest innovation. According to the TP giant, their new “Forever Roll” can last a full month. A single user size runs $5.49, while a multi-user version clocks in at $10. But you might want to opt […]

Sorry Scientists…No Matter What You Say I WON’T Quit Wine!

Before you pour that glass of wine, check this out – a new study says that even one alcoholic beverage a day can increase the chance of suffering a stroke. The study, from Chinese researchers and the University of Oxford, found that one or two drinks per day can raise the chance of stroke by […]

40!!!! FORTY!!!! Hallmark Channel is Going BIGGER This Year With Christmas Movies!

FYI……264 until Christmas!!!  I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! However that hasn’t stopped the Hallmark Channel from getting ready for their movie lineup. They will be releasing 40 brand new tv movies this holiday season.  I am going to faint! The movie content will be spread across their sister station Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Hallmark is breaking their […]