Move Over Uber and Lyft! Robotaxis Are On The Way!

And who OBVIOUSLY will be pulling this feat off?? According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, robotaxis should be rolling out next year!  I’m in!  Book me!  Hail it! Musk added that the robotaxis won’t be available everywhere, but he’s sure that the company will be able to get regulatory approval for the technology somewhere. Right […]

This Wednesday Is Luke Perry’s Last Appearance On “Riverdale”

The last episode of Riverdale Luke Perry filmed before his untimely death will be seen this week. The show will air this Wednesday night on the CW. Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa describes Perry’s final scenes saying, “As always, Fred’s (Perry’s character) imparting words of wisdom to Archie. A beautiful, true moment between a father and his son. Wish […]

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5. Did I Just Guess Your Password?

If you’re one of the over 23 million known people that use “123456” as a password online, you’ve got the most hacked password in the world, according to a cybersecurity firm in the U.K.  Four other passwords that are easily hacked are “12345678”, “password”, “111111” and “qwerty”. Even names are pretty common passwords.  The most […]

Disney Will Pay YOU To Keep Your Own Hotel Room Clean!

If you don’t mind having to make your own bed, The Most Magical Place On Earth will toss you free money the next time you stay there. With Disney World’s “Service Your Way” program, guests at the resort’s value and moderate hotels will earn a $10 gift card for each night of their stay if they forego […]

Wait…Not Only Are Blake & Gwen Secretly Married….She’s Pregnant Too??

**Any excuse to listen to a Christmas song!! ** The rumors are out that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton secretly got married at Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma and dropped some even bigger news to all in attendance. The alleged big news in a sec, let me tell you about the wedding. Sources say Gwen had […]

And Ya Know What Pete! Your Mom LOVES It!

I would give anything to have my son move back in with me!  I miss him while he’s away at college!! Pete Davidson has moved back in with his mom but in a cool way. Davidson revealed the news on the Tonight Show. He told Jimmy Fallon, “So I live with my mom… well we bought […]

Happy 4/20! Lyft Wants To Celebrate With You!

Ohhhhhh how times have changed. Whereas the local police departments once arrested people for smoking weed, a number of them are now helping stoners celebrate 4/20 Day. In an effort to remind people that driving while high is just as illegal as drunk driving, the police in eight cities have partnered with Lyft to give […]

Trending With Tracy on CBS12 4/19/19

I am broken.  Jason Momoa doesn’t have his magic beard anymore.  He went out into the desert and shaved it off!     THEN after he shaved it, he posted a promo for some 100% recyclable canned water saying – it’s time to make a change.  Did they pay him to shave off his beard as a “change”?  If so, I […]

Going Out Tonight? Here’s The Shot Most Bartenders Recommend!

When you just can’t decide what to drink at the local watering hole, you gotta turn to the expert. If you ask the bartender for a recommendation, you’ll likely get a pour from this bottle. In a new survey taken by MetrixLab MSS in their US Bartender Influencer Study, Fireball is no longer the shot of choice. For the […]

This Guy Set Two Jeopardy Records in One Week!

The Vegas sports bettor James Holzhauer is raking in the dough and breaking records on the game show “Jeopardy!” James just bettered his own single-game winning number with a perfect game that made him $131,127 richer. During his 10-day run, James has made a total of $697,787 and is second on the show’s all-time winnings […]

Anybody Want Some Bob Ross Cereal??

If you’re looking to paint the picture of a healthy breakfast, why not Bob Ross cereal. That’s right, FYE is coming out with a cereal called, “Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal.” The cereal dedicated to the popular painter consists of toasted oats and marshmallows and sells for $9.99 at fye.com. Are you going to try […]

Riiiiiiiicolaaaaaa! Someone Get Sam Smith Some Ricola To Fix His Throat!

Sam Smith was 45 minutes into a concert when he had to cancel the rest of the show because of a vocal strain. It happened in Capetown, South Africa on Tuesday. Smith abruptly left the stage mid-song. The backup singers finished up. The arena fell silent. An announcer said there were technical difficulties. Soon after, […]

Is Britney Spears Leaving Showbiz?

Rumors are circulating that Britney Spears is planning to retire from entertainment just weeks after checking into rehab. Ever since her dad suffered a ruptured colon Britney has been struggling to cope and even canceled her Vegas residency.  According to sources, “her friends believe she’s going to quit showbiz for good because without her dad […]

Who Knew! Reading Billboards Make You A Safer Driver!

Contrary to what you may have been told about keeping your eyes on the road while driving, a new study finds that looking at billboards might keep you safer behind the wheel. Most distracted driving happens inside the car, whether it’s looking at a phone, eating or interaction with a passenger. That usually causes lane […]

Well THAT’S Gonna Hurt When You Take It Off!

Going to weekend 2 of Coachella and still trying to figure out what to wear?! Don’t look in your closet, look in your kitchen junk drawer for the duct tape. That’s right, the ladies that have gone to Coachella are rocking the duct designs of Joel Alvarez that became popular at Miami and LA Fashion weeks […]

Sooooooo! What Did You Think?! Don’t Worry…No #GOT Spoilers!

Since there’s a chance that you may not have seen the first episode of Game of Thrones yet, how about you just hear about what others thought about the first episode. The Guardian says, “the show is off to a thrilling start.” The Telegraph, says the first episode gave viewers “a sign of the carnage to come.” […]

Ariana Grande’s Dream Came True And So Did Ours!

What an amazing surprise! Ariana Grande sent the Coachella crowd into a frenzy when she brought out N-Sync during her headlining set at Coachella over the weekend. The group took the stage with Ariana after three songs and did “Tearin’ Up My Heart” together complete with dance moves. Ariana said she had been dreaming of […]

The Simmmmmmmmmmpsonsssssssssss! Coming Soon To Disney+!

The Simpsons once declared “You Only Move Twice.” And while the family isn’t leaving Springfield, they are heading to Disney. In a video short celebrating the Disney and Fox merger, but done in a very The Simpsons manner, Homer announces, “I for one applaud our new corporate overlord.” All 30 seasons of TV’s longest-running scripted series will be available […]

I Am So Mad At Myself…..I Have No Self Control!

I admit it, I love to binge and sometimes/most of the time I can’t help myself.  A new season of a favorite show comes on and I just can’t watching one.  I HAVE TO WATCH THEM ALL.  And yes, I realize that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I don’t want to!  I want to […]

Your First Mistake…..Posting The Incriminating Video On FACEBOOK!!

Oh for Pete’s sake…..even a 5 year old would know not to post vids of doing BAD stuff online and hope to get away with it! Yet this Ohio couple didn’t…they’ve been charged with handing out laxative-laced cookies to a group of striking school employees. According to police, Bo Cosens and Rachel Sharrock were annoyed […]

People Are Disappointed By The New Lion King Trailer

Lion King fans are excited about the upcoming release of the live action film. However, some fans have viewed the trailer and are disappointed with the look of one of the characters in the movie. The Lion Scar was much more heavier and scarier looking in the animated film compared to the live action film. On […]

Oprah thinks avocados are too expensive … so she bought her own orchard

If you follow Oprah on Instagram you know that she has a green thumb and is always sharing pictures of her harvests. With the rise in avocado prices, Oprah has decided to grow her own. In a “Between The Scenes” segment on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Oprah spoke on her normalities, “I travel […]

Oprah Cuts Ties With “Leaving Neverland” Documentary!

So now the actual facts are coming out?!  It’s about time! HBO and Oprah seem to have made a very big mistake in tying themselves to the “Leaving Neverland” documentary. The cable network has pulled the airing of the documentary, there are no listings after April 17th, it was scheduled to remain on the network […]

First #GOT Oreos….Now “Game Of Thrones” Makeup?!

If you’ve always wanted to look like your favorite #GOT character, now you can! Urban Decay and HBO have teamed up for a limited edition Game of Thrones makeup line. The palettes are inspired by the show. There’s House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister, and the White Walkers. There is also a Mother of Dragons highlight […]

Hubbard Radio Remembers A West Palm Beach Radio Legend – Andy Preston

Andy pictured with one of his many fans. “Andy Preston and I were hired at the very start of The Gater 98.7 in 1991. He was a great human being, everybody that met him would agree. He was also one of the most knowledgeable historians of rock music I’ve ever met. He had a real […]

Get A Free Hamburger At McDonald’s With This Trick On The Kiosk!

This is awesome!!!!! Two Australian men have figured out a way to get a free McDonald’s burger using the kiosks. The video was posted on Reddit and shows that men ordering 10 hamburgers without the meat patty for $1 each. When the meat is removed it discounts the burgers by $1.10 each. You then get […]