Dangers with disinfecting

I know we’ve all been cleaning.  There are some things you should not be doing.  Check this out!

Thank You Donny Wahlberg And Crew! NEW NKOTB MUSIC!!!

The New Kids On The Block have a new song to keep you going during the pandemic.  I’M DYING!!! How did the song come together? Donnie Wahlberg said, “We were just talking and fans were asking about new music and I just threw out maybe one of our musical friends is hearing this and will […]

Publix to Buy and Donate Produce from Farmers Impacted by Shut Down

Publix announced Wednesday that it will buy excess produce and milk from farmers affected by the Coronavirus shutdown and will donate it to Feeding America’s operating food banks. Farmers have been forced to dump thousands of gallons of milk and tons of produce as schools and restaurants around the country remain closed due to the […]

Netflix Has Some New Mini Series Coming To Keep Us Company In Quarantine

We’ve all seen the ‘I finished Netflix’ meme on social media. Well, they must have seen it too because there releasing some new mini series and a whole lotta binge-worthys soon. On May 1st, Ryan Murphy’s new mini-series Hollywood lands on Netflix. It’s about an alt-history 1940s Hollywood with a twist. (see video trailer below). […]

Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Tiffany Haddish & MORE Gear Up For Comedy Special!

**Adult Language** Whoa this is going to be a day full of laughs from some of our favorite comedians!  It’s Byron Allen’s Feeding America Comedy Festival livestream, which will raise funds for the hunger relief organization’s network of food banks. The three-hour broadcast will livestream on Allen Media Group TV networks Comedy.TV and The Weather Channel as […]

Post Malone Nirvana Tribute Live Stream Tomorrow (4/24)!

I’m down! The show will broadcast live from Post Malone’s home and air on his official YouTube channel. A press release says he’ll “perform a set of Nirvana hits and fan favorites.” For more info, fans can text 817-270-6440, which is a number Post Malone offered up on his social media pages earlier this week alongside the […]

PBC Pets Need Our Help With Food Donations

County Government Palm Beach County , Palm Beach CountyAGENCY Donations Needed for Local Pet Food Banks Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many pet owners are struggling to feed not only themselves but also their pets. Thankfully, there are several pet food banks here in Palm Beach County; however, many of them are running desperately […]

Easy ‘Earth Day’ Efforts To Make Today

It’s earth day everyday but every April 22 it’s extra. It’s the day we celebrate and try to appreciate the earth by doing something positive for it. Here’s some ideas. Plant something!  It can be in the ground or in a pot. A tree, flower, herb garden for the kitchen. Walk  don’t drive! You have […]

Sam Smith and John Legend Did a Duet During “Together at Home”

One of the smoothest performances from Lady Gaga’s One World: Together At Home live-streaming event was Sam Smith and John Legend belting out “Stand By Me.” Legend kicked off the song at his home piano alongside a multitude of Grammys behind him, then Sam Smith joined in, also with Grammys as his backdrop. The two […]

Sea Turtles Thriving Because Humans Aren’t At The Beach

As people are staying off of beaches due to the pandemic, sea turtles have been able to nest peacefully and are actually thriving. According to researchers at Loggerhead Marine Life Center and one senior manager said “It’s going to be a very good year for leatherbacks.” The Sea Turtle Conservancy’s senior director says that thousands […]

LOOK: Walk Through Disinfectant Tunnel

Well this is a good idea. Kind of like we spray for mosquitoes, right? Maybe we can put one at the entrance of every office, school, store ect. Or not. How safe is this thing? It’s a mix of bleach water and some other chemicals. Would you feel safe walking through one of these? What […]

Enjoy Ashton & Mila’s New Wine “Quarantine”

Mila and I are launching Quarantine Wine! 100% of the profits will go to Covid-19 relief efforts!#QuarantineWine #SocialDistancinghttps://t.co/kGJt9YFkEP pic.twitter.com/I7GCXOR5op — ashton kutcher (@aplusk) April 19, 2020

How to make a no sew mask!

You don’t need a sewing machine to make a mask!  Check out this awesome pattern and it’s easy to do

2020: A Year Without Concerts

There’s no better breading ground for Covid-19 than a venue where tens of thousands of people are smushed up against each other, sweating, singing, touching a zillion people and things all night. Taylor Swift has already cancelled all concerts, public appearances and events for the rest of 2020. It’s very likely most artists will follow […]

This Is So GROSS! Landlords Asking For Sex In Lieu Of $$ For Rent!

It appears some landlords are taking advantage of their tenants amid the coronavirus. They are seeking “sex-for-rent” in lieu of rent payment. In Hawaii they have seen more complaints in two days than they have seen in two years. In Chicago they are seeing a threefold increase in housing-related sexual harassment over the last month. […]

Play Golf With Justin Timberlake! It’s A Prize With The “All-In Challenge”!

A bunch of celebrities have joined the “All In Challenge,” offering up experiences to us normal people to raise money to feed the elderly, children, and frontline workers. To enter, hit up Fanatics.com . . . then, you can buy entries to each contest, starting at $10.  The more you give, the more chances to win you get.  Those are […]

How To Make Your Own Mask With Matthew McConaughey

If you are still struggling to create a face covering to wear outside during the pandemic, Matthey McConaughey is here to save the day. McConaughey posted a video on Instagram as alter-ego Bobby Bandito. With a bandana, coffee filter and rubber bands, he showed how easy it is to make a mask. McConaughey…errr…Bandito expressed that “we’ve […]

Man Credits Covid Recovery To ‘Buzz Lightyear’ Helmet

After five days in intensive car, a man is on the road to recovery and credits his ”Toy Story”  “Buzz Lightyear“ looking helmet. Coronavirus patient recovers thanks to Buzz Lightyear-style helmet https://t.co/yvibshhVBr pic.twitter.com/VRlzG2Ntii — New York Post (@nypost) April 16, 2020   “I may have looked ridiculous but I don’t care as it saved my life. […]

Bored With Co-Workers On Zoom Meetings? Invite A Goat! A llama! A Turkey!

By now you’ve sat in on at least one Zoom meeting while working from home and they can be well…boring. A California farm wants to change that by allowing their farm animals to join in on Zoom meetings. Sweet Farm has llamas, cows, pigs, turkeys, sheep and goats that will pop in on your Zoom […]

Our First Glimpse At The “Saved By The Bell” Reboot!

Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley and Mark-Paul Gosselaar return to Bayside High!! I’m giddy!  I can’t wait!!  The teaser looks fantastic!  Will you be tuning back into the halls of Bayside and The Max?!?! Read more here!