Is Peppa Pig Making Your Kids Talk Like A Brit?

Come on!  Who hasn’t loved to speak with and English accent!  I know I do all the time!  It usually when I’m trying to be like Lisa Vanderpump from RHOBH…. Well parents are starting to make claims that Peppa Pig is causing their kids to adopt a British accent. The change in accent has been […]

New Avril Lavigne Music! "Dumb Blonde" With Nicki Minaj

I have to admit, “Sk8r Boi” is still one of my absolute favorite songs of all time!!  I have loved Avril since she came on the music scene way back in the early 00’s! Super excited to check out her new album dropping Friday “Head Above Water”. What I love so much about Avril is […]

For Crying Out Loud Man! I’m Right HERE!

For someone who sings about love often enough, Lenny Kravitz can’t seem to find any. Or at least that’s what the rocker claims. Speaking to People recently, the multiple Grammy award winner says he’s ready to find true love but it’s been difficult, blaming his art as the reason. Kravitz also opens up in the interview about past […]