10 Thanksgiving Day Cooking Safety Tips From The American Red Cross!

More Home Cooking Fires Occur on Thanksgiving than Any Other Day As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to prepare the holiday feast and brush up on home fire safety and prevention with your household. Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires in the U.S., and the American Red Cross urges everyone to never leave […]

Rise Of Skywalker Script Was Up On EBay!

A legit script for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” was briefly on eBay, because one of the actors left it under his or her bed, and it was stolen by a cleaning person!!  OOOOOOOH! Read more here!

Did You Agree With Hannah’s Win On DWTS Last Night?

My favorite part….when Erin Andrews just stood there and stared…. Do you agree with Hannah winning or should it have been someone else? I LOVED Kel’s freestyle!!! Hello Cher!!! Ally’s Freestyle was great!  Loved the bongos on the bum!  HAHAHA! Lauren got her first perfect score with this one!  

TLC Turns On The EWWWWW With Their New “My Feet Are Killing Me” Show!

If you had a love/hate thing going on with Dr. Pimple Popper.…Get ready for “My Feet Are Killing Me”.  And yes, it’s about people with bad feet. This will be a delightful show coming to TLC about extra toes, fungus, bunions and it will brighten up your New Year debuting January 2nd! Let’s take a peek at what we’re in store for!  […]

Coldplay Not Touring Until It’s “Enviornmentally Friendly”.

If you’re hoping for a Coldplay tour soon with their new double album – Everyday Life that dropped today – hope a little longer or clean up your act! Chris Martin says that band won’t tour again until it’s “environmentally friendly”.  He says “Our dream is to have a show with no single-use plastic, to have it be largely solar powered. Sustainable and […]

Oprah, Coldplay, Bad Feet! We Cover It All On Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

Oprah is coming to Ft. Lauderdale in January!  We all know that!  And yesterday she revealed the super stars who will be with her!  We get Lady Gaga! Atlanta gets The Rock, J Lo in Los Angeles! But you still might be wondering…what do we do when we get there? Tix range from $60 nosebleeds […]

Cool “Friends” Stuff Up For Auction! And Yes It Includes The Couch From Central Perk!

Friends, fans and collectors can bid on original pieces from the Warner Bros. archive, such as Joey’s (Matt LeBlanc) original stuffed penguin Hugsy doll; reproductions of the Central Perk couch and Monica’s (Courteney Cox) peephole door frame; and costumes worn by Rachel (Aniston), Monica and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow). Anyone who signs up for the auction […]

Are You Ready For “You Are Not The Father” The Board Game?! It’s Available Now!

Just in time for the holidays? Have you ever watched “Maury” and thought, “This is wonderful . . . I wish I could bring this experience into my own life?”  Well, now you can! NBC Universal has turned the show into a BOARD GAME called “You Are Not the Father”.  And no, this isn’t a joke.  It’s available for preorder on Amazon . […]

Another Residency Setting Up Shop In Vegas!

Bruno Mars is returning to Las Vegas! As part of his multi-year residency at Park MGM, Mars has announced the first set of shows for 2020. Bruno tweeted, “I miss performing with the band and singing for beautiful people. So if you happen to be in Vegas… Let’s ride.” The five concerts are scheduled for […]

People Who Decorate Earlier, Are Happier!

When do you put up your tree and decorations?!  I put up my tree the day after Thanksgiving!  Read the science behind the happiness here! Joanna Gaines has her decorations up already!

“Charlie’s Angels” A Big Old FLOP At The Box Office!

Charlie’s Angels flopped at the box office this weekend. Why?!  BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT DREW, LUCY AND CAMERON!!! The movie cost $48 million to make and only brought in $8.6 million domestically and $19.3 million internationally. Add in the marketing budget and the movie needs to actually make double what it cost to make to break […]

A pop-up Nutella-themed hotel is being planned for Napa Valley, California!

If you are a fan of Nutella, it’s time to make vacation plans. A pop-up Nutella-themed hotel is being planned for Napa Valley, California. The Nutella Hotel will happen in January. Three lucky winners will take part in the ‘Hotella Nutella Weekend Breakfast Experience.’ The 3-day experience will feature creative breakfast experiences. To qualify, you’ll […]

What’s Trending? Find Out On Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

After and amazing performance on the CMA’s the other night in Nashville, we’re hearing now that P!nk is taking a break from the biz! We’re loving the reason – taking at least a year to focus on her family!  She’s a Mom of 2, Willow and Jameson, both in school, and her husband – profession motocross guy Carey Hart has decided he […]

Did You Catch P!nk Last Night On The CMA’s!?

Amazing performance with Chris Stapleton!  But then we’re hearing this?!!?!? P!nk is stepping away from music for at least a year to focus on family, the mother of two told Entertainment Tonight that with her children being in school and her husband, Carey Hart ready to focus on his career, she’s decided to focus on family. […]

Sharon Osbourne Takes A Dig At Chrissy Teigen…And I Like It!

Sharon Osbourne had a lot to say about Chrissy Teigen’s reaction to Osbourne’s distaste of John Legend’s #MeToo makeover of the classic holiday song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Teigen says that she “remembered getting paid to talk sh*t about people,” referring to her short-lived talk show, FABlife. Osborne fired back saying that she nor the other […]

Were you Able to Connect to Disney Plus?

Well this is a bad way to kick things off! Today was the official launch of Disney Plus but a lot of people haven’t been able to use the service. Some people are reporting a “Not Able to Connect” prompt when they try to get in. Incidents have been popping up all over social media. Did […]

The New Sonic Trailer is out and it Looks so Much Better!!

Not gonna lie, I hated the original Sonic design and a lot of fans wanted a better design for him upcoming movie and Paramount Pictures listened. Originally, the trailer for the movie came out earlier in 2019 and was met with criticism from fans who didn’t like the CGI design of Sonic.  Paramount went back to […]

Happy 50th Birthday to Wendy’s!

The fast-food chain is celebrating its milestone with two new birthday cake treats. The new birthday cake frosty mixes vanilla frosty with birthday cake flavors and the birthday cake frosty sundae has the birthday cake frosty in a cup with sugar cookie pieces, topped with sprinkles. Wendy’s appropriately calls the treat a “birthday party in […]

“Selena: The Series” Is Coming To Netflix!

Netflix will tell more of the late Selena’s story.  And Selena is being played by Rosita from The Walking Dead!!!  PERFECT!!! Selena: The Series focuses on the singer’s rise to fame and the changes that took place within her family. Christian Serratos (Rosita) will play Selena Quintanilla. The preview clip shows her looking over the script […]

Miley Cyrus Has Vocal Surgery! Silence Is Required!

When Cyrus was hospitalized for a tonsil issue last month, she discovered a separate issue with her vocal cords, which she had unknowingly had for years, multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE! She’s going to have to be silent for a few weeks!  Get well soon Miley!

Did You Catch The “People’s Choice Awards” Last Night!? Here Are The Winners!

The ladies were honored at this years’ People’s Choice Awards. Gwen Stefani was honored with the Fashion Icon Award. Jennifer Aniston was awarded the 2019 People’s Icon award and P!nk received the People’s Champion Award. Other big winners of the evening included Shawn Mendes who won Best Male Artist and Billie Eilish for Best Female Artist. K-Pop […]

OMG…..So. Lame.

I hate it, it’s lame, it’s ridiculous. John Legend created a lot of buzz recently when he said he would release a modernized version of the holiday classic Baby, It’s Cold Outside.  The duet with Kelly Clarkson has been officially released as a part of Legend’s Christmas album, A Legendary Christmas.  A lyric change in Baby, It’s […]

Oprah’s Favorite Things Are Here!!!!!

The holiday season can officially begin. Oprah Winfrey has released her Favorite Things list for 2019. There are 79 gift ideas on this year’s list. The least expensive is $12 pajamas.  Winfrey has teamed with Amazon to make the items easier to purchase. Oprah’s Favorite Things list has been around for the last 23 years. […]