I Can’t Wait To Book My Room At The Taco Bell Hotel!!!!

Taco Bell fans were so excited to hear about the fast-food giant’s new pop-up hotel, The Bell, they reserved all of the 70 rooms in just two minutes. To whet guests’ appetites, the chain has pulled the curtain back on the exclusive menu to be served this August. Of course, the familiar favorites will be there, along with new items like a Toasted […]

Bud Light Gets In On The Area 51 Raid Craze!

With celebrities like Lil Nas X and Guy Fieri offering their support behind the viral “Storm Area 51” event, Bud Light wanted to buck the trend. On Wednesday, the beer giant tweeted, “We’d like to be the first brand to formally announce that we will not be sponsoring the Area 51 raid.” But then they […]

Let’s Get Our Trending On! Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

Oh a fight is brewing in…the frying pan?  I love when celebs fight with cartoons…. IGGY AZALEA and the cartoon character PEPPA PIG got into a little Twitter war after they realized they’re both releasing albums that came out today. Iggy’s “In My Defense”, Peppa’s “Bing Bong Zoo”.  Someone suggested they should get together and do a song and Iggy […]

What The Heck…..”CATS” Looks WEIRD!

I never had the desire to see it on Broadway.  I just don’t get it! I mean I like real cats, I just don’t want to see people dressed up like cats! The trailer for the movie version of the Broadway hit play CATS has arrived and let’s just say people on the internet are a little […]

Trick Or Treat!!! M&M’s Have A New Halloween Candy And It Sounds DELISH!

It might say July on the calendar, but inside Target stores, it’s already Halloween.  Bring on the Pumpkin Spice!!! According to the Instagram account MunchieBunchie, the retail chain has already started stocking shelves with spooky sweets, the first of which is the latest holiday offering from M&Ms. Dubbed Creepy Cocoa Crisp, the packaging describes the […]

What Do You Call That Thing? If It’s “Manhole”, You Can’t Call It That In San Francisco.

One U.S. City has reportedly adopted an ordinance to replace some terms with gender-neutral words in the city code. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Berkeley, California will remove the words “she” and “he” and replace them with “they,” also, the words “manpower” and “manhole” will become “workforce” and “maintenance hole.” The vote passed unanimously to replace more than […]

Florida Is Set To Hit 852 Degrees Soon! Here Are Tips To Save On Your Electric Bill!

Tired of turning over your paycheck to the electric and water companies just to cool off in the summer? Here’s some advice from financial experts to keep those utility bills at bay. Tiffany Aliche, who goes by the name The Budgetnista, recommends you shave a few minutes off your showers, which will lower consumption costs. She […]

You Can Rent The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on Airbnb

How would you like to stay inside of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? Now you can book a one-night stay in the most iconic hot dog ever. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom AirBnB rents for $136 per night, plus taxes and fees and will be making a stop in Chicago for Lollapalooza weekend, August 1st – 3rd. Unfortunately, you […]

Madonna Gets Hassled For Watermelon Pictures….

Always controversial, Madonna is receiving backlash for posting pictures on Instagram of her black children standing behind a slice of watermelon. Some people felt like the pictures were innocent and part of the ongoing “watermelon challenge” where girls have been posting pictures of them in a dress that looks like a watermelon. However, some saw […]

Half-Priced Domino’s Pizza!? YEP! Now Til Sunday!

Domino’s has a deal so you don’t have to cook anything tonight!  Doubley-Fab! All of Domino’s menu-priced pizzas are 50 percent off through this Sunday, July 21st. To get the deal, you’ll have to order your pizzas online at the Domino’s website or through the Domino’s app. The 50 percent off deal is also available […]

How Do You Get Homeless Out Of A Park in WPB? Play “Baby Shark” On A Loop!

Officials here in West Palm Beach, Florida are banking on the Baby Shark song to keep homeless people from camping in a park overnight. Baby Shark and Raining Tacos will play on a loop in an effort to discourage from sleeping at the Lake Pavillion. The city wants to keep people off the patio there. West Palm Beach is […]

OML!!!! As In Oh My Louis Vuitton! Check Out This LV Sports Gear!

Here is something we had no idea wee needed, an expensive volleyball. Louis Vuitton has made a volleyball, yes you read that correctly. The ball is made of leather, canvas and cotton and comes in paneled pastel pink, bright orange, purple and white. It also comes with a net bag to carry the ball in. […]

Mac and Cheese Pringles Are Back!

We merely days away from Mac and Cheese Day (7/14) and to celebrate, Pringles has re-released their Mac & Cheese flavored chips for a limited time. The chips made their debut back in 2017 as part of Pringles’ Thanksgiving Dinner set and were recently spotted by food blogger @TheJunkFoodAisle on Dollar General store shelves. Just a note, […]

Ed Sheeran Teams Up With Alexa (Yes, THAT Alexa) For A Duet!

How would you like to hear Alexa and Ed Sheeran sing together? I bet you never thought you’d hear that question…. Just say Alexa, sing a duet with Ed Sheeran. Alexa and Ed will trade lines together from his song, I Don’t Care. And yes, she is singing her in robotic voice. Just wait until Alexa […]

Ohhhhh That’s Freaky When The Lights Go Out At The J Lo Concert In NYC!

JENNIFER LOPEZ’s show at Madison Square Garden Saturday night was cut WAY short due to the blackout.  In a Twitter video she said, quote, “I am obviously heartbroken and devastated . . . I’m so sorry this happened in the middle of our moment.”  The show was rescheduled for tonight.

Disney Releases First Trailer For Live-Action “Mulan”

Disney continues the trend of making live action versions of their most popular animated stories. Mulan is the latest example. The first trailer was released on Sunday. You’ll see the story play out with breath-taking visuals of how our hero becomes a warrior. Mulan will hit theaters on March 27th, 2020. What other Disney animated films would you like […]

How Do You Get Me Into An Excersize Clothing Store? Add A Bar!

Lululemon plans to immerse you into their world completely with their first experiential store. The concept store is located in Chicago and opened yesterday (7/11). The 20,000 square foot shop has plenty of room for the Lululemon clothing you are looking for as well as places for meditation and yoga. There is also a restaurant […]

Ed Sheeran Is A Married Man!

Ed Sheeran officially announced his marriage to Cherry Seaborn. In a video interview (with Charlamange Tha God), Sheeran was asked about the lyrics to the song from his No. 6 Collaborations Project album, Remember The Name, the news came out. The lyrics are, “Watch how the lyrics in the songs might get twisted / My wife wears red, but […]

She’s So Rich She Bathes In Diamonds! Taylor Is the Richest Celeb!

“Forbes” released its annual Celebrity 100 list of the highest-paid entertainers, and TAYLOR SWIFT is on top, after pulling down $185 million over the past year. Here’s the Top 10 . . . 1.  Taylor Swift,  $185 million 2.  “Self-made billionaire” Kylie Jenner,  $170 million 3.  Kanye West,  $150 million 4.  Soccer star Lionel Messi,  $127 million 5.  Ed Sheeran,  $110 million 6.  Soccer […]

Melissa Wong From Loxahatchee Won The WRMF Flyaway To Las Vegas to See Gwen Stefani!!

Congratulations Melissa! She’s just a girl going to see our favorite girl in Las Vegas! Our awesomely lucky Live Nation winner will not only check out the “Just A Girl” residency at Zappos Theater At Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, she’s getting a room too to….well….we’ll never know!  What happens in Vegas, […]

640 The Hurricane Sports Radio (WMEN-AM) Becomes The New Flagship Radio Station For FAU Athletics

BOCA RATON, Fla. (July 10, 2019) – Florida Atlantic University Athletics, in collaboration with its multimedia rights holder, Florida Atlantic Sports Properties, announced today a significant broadcast relationship with Hubbard Radio to provide deeper engagement with fans among seven radio stations, as well as increased coverage within the greater Fort Lauderdale and Miami listening areas. […]

J Lo Gets Face Injury In Vegas! Will She Still Be Gorgeous? Of Course She Will!

Jennifer Lopez got a boo-boo while performing in Las Vegas that was so bad it drew blood. While she was performing, she hit herself with the microphone so hard that it sent blood gushing down her face. The moment was documented on her YouTube channel along with J-Lo being consoled by her fiance Alex Rodriguez […]

How Long Could You Go Without Washing Your Clothes?

We’re constantly reminded that we need to do our part to save the planet. Whether it’s recycling, using less fossil fuels, or even skipping drinking straws, every little bit helps. But would you stop washing your clothes? Apparently, designer Stella McCartney says we should, in an interview with The Observer, noting that it will not only make […]

Is This Garth Brooks Coming Full Circle With His “Friends In Low Places”?

Garth Brooks is known for selling out stadiums across the country but his next tour will feature much smaller venues, specifically dive bars. The “Dive Bar Tour” will start in Chicago on July 15th, Brooks announced via Instagram. The “Dive Bar” singer will perform at seven dive bars in seven different cities in the United […]

Stop. Licking. The. Ice Cream.

So, apparently licking tubs of ice cream is the latest thing to post on social media to try to go viral. The latest person to attempt the nasty stunt was arrested. 36–year-old Linise Martin III was arrested in Lousiana for allegedly licking ice cream at a grocery store and returning the container to the freezer. […]