Charlie Sheen ALMOST Did DWTS?! That Would Have Been Amazing!

Are you kidding me?!  They should have offered him ALL the money to get him on the show!  For sure would have been the biggest ratings EVER! Bad sadly, he turned it down because he says he’s a horrible dancer…they all start that way Charlie!  Have you seen Lamar Odom??! ABC even tried to sweeten […]

“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?!” New Jack City Is Getting A Re-Make!

This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES!!  I can’t wait!  I hope Ice-T is in the new one!  Nino Brown….such a great character and I think that only Wesley Snipes can play him. Well, we know Pookie isn’t gonna be in it….Chris Rock became a slave to the game and was killed in […]

MEET OUR FIRST $5000 WINNER! | KVJ 5K Triple Play

Tracy and Nikki surprise Melinda with a giant check! Want a $5,000 check of your own? Tune into the KVJ show Monday – Friday at 7:10am to find out the Triple Play. Then listen to 97.9 WRMF until you hear those songs played in order. Be caller #9 and you could win $5,000 too! 97.9 […]

Cotton Candy now does the body good…if you drink it!

Yep, you can add Cotton Candy to your list of flavored milk, along with Banana Taffy and Blueberry Cobbler. This is for real. In celebration of the Texas State Fair, Texas-based Borden Dairy will roll out these new flavors in October. According to @SnackGator, the news source for junk food, Each tastes EXACTLY as the name […]

There Are Worse Places To Be Stuck…

About 100 Disney World guests had to be rescued after they got stuck aboard the park’s monorail. The monorail broke down late Thursday night, requiring fire and rescue crews to be called to the scene. Rescue workers used two cherry pickers to carry guests back to to the ground, which took more than an hour […]

Twitter Outraged by this Sexy Mr. Rogers Halloween Costume

Perhaps this is finally taking the whole “sexy” Halloween trend a bit too far? At least Twitter seems to think so. Head over to Yandy’s online store where the costume retailer sells its “Nicest Neighbor” getup, which features a nod to Mr. Rogers, only sexed-up with booty shorts and a deep plunging cropped sweater in his […]

Did You Catch AHS:1984 Last Night?! YIKES!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh it’s gonna be another scary season!  I think we were all traumatized by Jason and “Friday The 13th” when we were younger, and actually with every remake and reboot of the movie!   Jason haunted Camp Crystal Lake.  Mr. Jingles haunts Camp Redwood! What did you think of the first episode!?  I love Billie Lordes […]

I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This…But These Kanye Crocs Are Cool!

OMG….I might be sporting some Crocs when these are released! I am loving them! What do you think and are you a fan of Crocs? You can read more here!   View this post on Instagram   🏍️ into the weekend!⁠ ⁠ ⁠Peep the Yeezy Foam Runner set to release in 2020. ⁠ ⁠ Image […]

Happy 125th Birthday West Palm Beach!

**Clematis Street** CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH CELEBRATES HISTORIC MILESTONE Season’s Worth of Events Planned to Commemorate City’s 125th Anniversary   (West Palm Beach, Fla.) – It’s a Quasquicentennial celebration! You might need 125 tries to spell or pronounce the word, but only one guess to know that the City of West Palm Beach is celebrating its […]

Guess Who Will Be Running Down The Halls Of Bayside High Again!

What’s old is new yet again in Hollywood. NBC’s new Peacock streaming service will reboot the television classics Saved By The Bell and Punky Brewster. The Saved update will feature original cast members Elizabeth Berkeley and Mario Lopez. Punky will star the actress who played the precocious child, Soleil Moon Frye. The streaming service will launch in April 2020. Peacock will also […]

Ummmm, Kevin Federline Wants To Do A Las Vegas Residency?!

To do what?  His one song Popzao? Where would this residency be?  The Holiday Inn lobby waaaaay off the strip? I mean he really has proven himself to be a good Dad to his 57 kids, but do we want to see him take the stage? Find out the full scoop here!  

“Saved By The Bell” Is Getting A Re-Boot Too?!

What’s old is new yet again in Hollywood.  I’m not complaining, but do we have anything new coming out!? NBC’s new Peacock streaming service will reboot the television classics Saved By The Bell and Punky Brewster. The Saved update will feature original cast members Elizabeth Berkeley and Mario Lopez. Punky will star the actress who played the precocious child, Soleil Moon Frye. […]

Can We Really Call It A Reunion If There Are Only TWO Of The Cool SIX Involved?

Don’t get me wrong….I’ll still take it. But what about Prue (Shannen Doherty), Paige (Rose McGowen) and Leo (Brian Krause)? And what about the hot Cole Turner (Julian McMahon)? ‘Charmed’ fans can rejoice a mini reunion is in the works. Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs will guest star together on ‘Grey’s Anatomy”.  Nope, not […]

Jane Lynch + Cyndi Lauper = MAGIC For Netflix!

Jane Lynch dropped a surprise on us over the weekend. While talking to reporters after winning a Creative Arts Emmy, Lynch mentioned that she had a comedy in the works for Netflix featuring Cyndi Lauper. Lynch said, “We’re our ages now. I’m almost 60, and she’s 65. We’re looking for our next act and we […]

Love Is In The Air For 1 Of HGTV’s “Property Brothers”!

 Obviously it’s the one that’s not already married!  We’re hearing that ZOOEY DESCHANEL is dating JONATHAN SCOTT!!  Jonathan is the DEMO guy and Drew is the realtor who’s been married since 2018. She just announced her split from her husband a few weeks ago.  Jonathan admitted he was seeing someone, but wouldn’t talk about it, saying, quote, […]

Batman Day is this Saturday, September 21st!!

This year, DC Comics will celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman by throwing up his iconic bat signal around the world. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, and London will shine the signal around 8:00 pm. More details about locations and activities can be found at Batman80.com Who is your favorite superhero and […]

Kim and Kourtney Get In SAVAGE FIGHT!!!! I Love KUWTK! Do You?

Another sibling rivalry is brewing with the Kardashian clan again. This time around, Kim and Kourtney are going at each other’s throats over a clothing designer. Kim K thinks Kourtney is trying to rip off her look by hooking up with a designer that Kim has worked with for months. Kourtney doesn’t seem to think […]

A Prince, A Situation And That’s What She Said! Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

Since the invention of cars….Royals are not supposed to touch the doors.  Not when getting in, not when getting out. Because ew. But rocking the world again with their crazy rule breaking….PRINCE HARRY SHUT THE CAR DOOR HIMSELF!  Apparently Meghan did this 1 year ago before knowing of the rule. Harry was attending the 5th Anniversary of the […]


You did it! Together we shattered our goal of $100,000 to help rebuild West End! Thank you to all of our donors.  Together we raised over $175,000! While 48 Hours of KVJ has come to an end, Little Smiles is still accepting donations. If you would still like to donate, text KVJBAHAMAS to 44321 or […]

Even Pennywise Needs Love! Check Out “The BachelorIt”

James Corden hit on two pop culture icons during Monday’s Late Late Show. He spoofed Pennywise the clown from It as he looked for love on The Bachelorette.  The evil clown’s competition? A bunch of guys named Tyler. The 8-minute clip showed what lengths Pennywise will go through to find that special someone. Did you see the It sequel? What did […]

Miley & Kaitlynn Are Roomies!

Things seem to be picking up steam in Miley Cyrus and Kaitlyn Carter’s relationship. The girls have been inseparable since coming back from vacation in Italy. According to HollywoodLife.com sources say the two women have moved in together in the exclusive Hidden Hills area of Los Angeles last week. You never spot one without the other at […]