How to clean oven racks

While we are staying in during the pandemic you may be cleaning all those things you never had time to clean before.  I clean my oven racks today.   Here is how I did it:   Filled bathtub with the HOTTEST water I could stand….add dishwasher soap and a degreaser grill cleaner(a citrus one that […]

Adam Sandler is Back With A Quarantine Song!

Jimmy Fallon continues his Tonight Show video chats with celebrities and on Thursday (April 2) Adam Sandler joined Fallon to perform a tribute song to doctors and nurses and like all of us, Adam is growing tired of his family. “We gotta build some ventilators and get them more masks, we gotta do it now […]

Help the Palm Beach County Service Industry!

97.9 WRMF and Cheney Brothers Stand Together in Supporting Our Local Food Service Workers Right now, we’re all feeling the impact of the spread of Covid-19. Food and beverage professionals are severely impacted by restaurants closing or shifting to take-out. Workers are hurting. Every little bit helps. Every time you have a drink or meal […]

104 Year Old Man RECOVERS From Covid-19!

An Oregon man had a lot to celebrate this week. Bill Lapschies, who turned 104 on Wednesday, April 1st, has survived the 1918 flu epidemic, World War II and now the Coronavirus. Lapschies was diagnosed with COVID-19, however he never developed respiratory problems even though others at the Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home who were […]

Play Adult Game ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Virtually

Ohhh I love a good game of Cards Against Humanity! It’s the party game for “horrible people.” Unlike most of the party games, it’s “as despicable and awkward as you and your friends,” according to its official website. Recently made available to play on Playingcards.io, you can now create your own virtual room and send a […]

At Home Employee Of The Week!

So you’re working from home now. Some say it’s a good deal and some say more frustrating. Do you have a helper? Maybe your pet, your kid, Alexa? Send me a picture with your names, where you live and anything you’d like to add. We will feature you as an ‘At Home Employee Of The […]

Free Burritos From Chipotle For Frontline Medical Workers Tomorrow!

Chipotle is helping frontline medical workers during the pandemic. To celebrate National Burrito Day on April 2nd, Chipotle and DoorDash are offering free burrito boxes. Register to claim HERE. To claim yours, you must register online by 11:59 pm ET Wednesday night. The boxes include either 25 or 50 burritos. Your facility must be within […]

ICYMI – Jack Black Does A Special Dance!

I LOVE JACK BLACK!!!!!  Anything he does make me laugh! And this shirtless Jack Black wearing a cowboy hat and boots is enough to put us at ease for at least 30 seconds. The quarantine dance was shared by Black on TikTok. It already has over two million views. The jumps, kicks, and spins were […]

Drive Through Green Market Returns Sunday!

The Martin County Fair Association in cooperation with the vendors of Stuart Green Market and other local farms, will provide a Drive-Thru Green Market.  This unique market will allow the community to support our local farmers and growers while also, providing a healthier opportunity for the public to buy items they need. WHERE:  Martin County […]

FREE Home Schooling, All Ages Including Adults

Common Sense Media has put together a FREE school online. All the partners have given everything free like using the school through Comcast on TV, free! You can get on it free here at WideOpenSchool.com  

WATCH: Journey Of A Germ

Did your kids ever watch Sid the Science Kid? Really good stuff for kids especially right now with home schooling being so important. Sid did a whole episode on the journey of a germ and how germs are spread. Check it out!  

Quarantine Canoodling? Is This How We Flirt Now?

Quarantine canoodling? Drone dates? Is this the new way of meeting new people? Maybe these two will get tested negative and meet up close someday? This story just started and we will be following. Here’s what we have so far:  

KVJ Adopt A Bartender

A lot of businesses are closing down due to the Covid-19 pandemic and that is making it difficult for many people to pay their bills. KVJ is showcasing local servers & bartenders who are out of work and need help in this time of crisis. Here are some submissions of local workers who need financial […]

I Made Whipped Coffee! Easy & So Delish!

I’m telling you, I thought I was at Starbucks…but I was in my own kitchen!   BEYOND DELISH!! 3T Instant Coffee – if you don’t have instant coffee…I have a vid below on how to make with regular coffee 3T Sugar 3T Hot Water WHIPPPPPPP til it forms stiff peaks and is scoopable To Hot – […]

Healthcare Workers Flying To Help NYC Goes Viral

This picture is a true testament to the passion and commitment of healthcare workers. It shows dozens of people, some wearing masks and gloves, holding their hands in the shape of a heart. There were about 30 health care professionals, all from Atlanta-area hospitals going to New York to assist in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

SHUT UP!!! Britney Spears Worked With Doc Antle From “Tiger King”!!

So by now you’ve watched or at least heard of the “Tiger King,” well there is one person in Joe Exotic’s camp that did have a big break and that’s Doc Antle. During Britney Spears iconic 2001 VMA performance when she went on stage with the big yellow snake, Doc was also on stage with […]

How to clean your makeup sponges

If you are working from home right now you may not be wearing much makeup or maybe you are.  Either way in today’s coronavirus concerns they say don’t touch your face yet makeup brushes and sponges have TONS of germs.  So maybe put them on your list to clean them.


Neighbors Have A Covid Cul-De-Sac Circus!

Here’s a great way to stay within the social distancing standards, see a show, have some wine, wave to neighbors, have some wine, entertain the kids, have a little wine. Neighbors pull chairs to the end of the driveway and the circus goes on in the circle. This could work in lots of creative ways. […]

No Spring Vacation? Do It In The Driveway With Sidewalk Chalk!

Oh my goodness, how adorable are my friend Summer’s kids?  They’re at the “beach” in Atlanta!  Bostyn, Bear and Landry look like they’re having fun! How are you making it fun for your kids while they’re at home? Share some of your sidewalk chalk art!

Woman Walking Around In Giant Inflatable Zorb To Stay Virus Free

OMG stop it right now! First of all, where’d this lady get a Zorb? Second, it must take some practice getting around in this. Third, it’s actually not a bad idea to steer clear of any Coronavirus germs.   Woman shops in a zorb ball at Morrisons pic.twitter.com/Ts6SuRRWIO — The Sun (@TheSun) March 27, 2020