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It’s True….They’re A Sucker For…..BEER?! JoBros Get Their Own Coors Beer!

The JONAS BROTHERS are HUGE fans of Coors Light.  So naturally, Nick, Joe, and Kevin jumped at the chance to visit the brewery in Golden, Colorado, and create their own limited-edition batch. It was a decent-sized run . . . because it’ll be available in select markets while supplies last.  Look for it in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville, or Tampa […]


97.9 WRMF is giving away $100,000! Starting Monday, listen to the KVJ Show Mondays-Fridays at 7:10AM to find out the day’s Triple Play.  Then, stay tuned to 97.9 WRMF until you hear those three songs played in order.  After the third and final song ends, call 1-877-979-9763, be caller #9 and congrats, you just won […]

Prince Harry & Ed Sheeran Team Up For World Mental Health Day!

  View this post on Instagram   Both Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran want to ensure that not just today but every day, you look after yourself, your friends and those around you. There’s no need to suffer in silence – share how you’re feeling, ask how someone is doing and listen for the answer. […]

Mila & Ashton On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?! Yes Please!

During a recent interview on Andrea Savage’s “A Grown-Up Woman” podcast, Mila Kunis revealed that she discussed going on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. When Kunis asked if she could be on the series, “in about 20-30 years,” Kutcher replied he would “kill her.” Although Kutcher was joking it’s […]

Are Ed Sheeran & Prince Harry Going To Do A Duet?!

An Instagram video teases an upcoming collaboration with Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran. In the clip posted to Harry and Meghan’s IG page, Sheeran rings a doorbell and Harry greets him. Sheeran asks Harry if he can bring the camera in. The scene fades to black with a reminder to check things out on October […]

Spend The Night At The REAL “Scream” House! Are You Brave Enough?!

Hey, I’d go anywhere where Skeet Ulrich was! If you’re into the “Scream” movies, this is an experience you won’t want to miss:  There’s going to be a party Halloween night at the house that was used in the original 1996 movie. Tickets are 200 bucks and only 150 are available.  Also, you HAVE TO be in […]

“Fortnite” As Addictive As Cocaine?!

Some Canadian parents are claiming that Fortnite ruined their kids’ lives. The boys are 10 and 15-years-old. A new lawsuit from their lawyer is saying that the popular game is “as addictive as cocaine.” The legal filing focuses on a study that said the game releases dopamine into the brain similar to what happens to a person […]

I Guarantee You I Will NEVER Have Orthorexia. Do You Have It?!

You may have heard of having a fear of eating too much or gaining weight but what about a fear of clean eating called Orthorexia? It’s a real thing according to Dr. Steven Bratman who coined the phrase after he noticed his patients were too hard on themselves. Orthorexia centers around eating ‘cleanly’ and purely […]

Will Smith Is Putting Out A “Bel Air” Clothing Line!

OMG why did it take him this long to do it and WHERE CAN I GET IT!?!?!  Oh, right here!   View this post on Instagram   I put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it. Then I put it on sale. NEW @FRESHPRINCE MERCH! Link in bio A post shared by Will Smith […]

The First Trailer Has Dropped For The Johnny Cash Documentary!

The trailer for a new documentary about the life of legendary singer Johnny Cash as been released. The documentary titled The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash will be released on YouTube next month. This film will focus on Cash’s Folsom Prison performance and will also spotlight the professional and personal side of Cash’s life. Interview audio, archival […]

Even Death Can’t Get You Out Of Cable TV Fees!

Benjamin Franklin once said there were two certainties in life: death and taxes. Perhaps we can add a third to that list: early termination fees. When Isabel Albright passed on at 102-years-old last year, her family called DirecTV to disconnect her service. Unfortunately, the California woman was still under contract with them, so they hit her with a $160 “early termination […]

Check Out The Trailer For Ryan Reynolds’ New Netflix Movie!

Netflix is about to deliver some serious action to you. The trailer for 6 Underground was released on Tuesday.  Ryan Reynolds leads a team of ghost operatives who set out to rid the world of bad guys. Michael Bay directed the film. He said, “It’s like the movies I did way back when where it’s got real action, […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the 97.9 WRMF team is coming together to raise awareness about early detections of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Facts: About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point. It is the second most common kind of cancer in women Every 2 […]

Hello Lover…..1 CENT BIG MACS THIS WEEK!!!!

If you’re a fan of Big Macs this week is a chance for you take advantage of a great deal. McDonald’s has teamed up with Door Dash to sell one million Big Macs for just 1 cent. The deal starts today and ends October 4. Just order on the Door Dash app or on their […]

We Did It Again! We Love To Deliver KVJ $5K Triple Play Checks!

You know how to play right?  How to get YOUR money?!  Just listen!  It’s that easy! Every morning the KVJ Show gives you 3 songs to listen for throughout the day.  When you hear them – in their entirety, be caller 9 and you’re on the way to the bank, a shopping spree, a vacation!  […]

Kit Kats Getting A Flavor Makeover – With Cinnamon!? Gimme A Break!

During the holidays we get plenty of festive flavors like peppermint and hot cocoa, but now shelves are making room for another flavor and that’s cinnamon. Today, Hershey confirmed that they will be releasing Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kat minis. When tested by chocolate lovers they said the treat smells like “straight up cinnamon bun.” If […]

Charlie Sheen ALMOST Did DWTS?! That Would Have Been Amazing!

Are you kidding me?!  They should have offered him ALL the money to get him on the show!  For sure would have been the biggest ratings EVER! Bad sadly, he turned it down because he says he’s a horrible dancer…they all start that way Charlie!  Have you seen Lamar Odom??! ABC even tried to sweeten […]

MEET OUR FIRST $5000 WINNER! | KVJ 5K Triple Play

Tracy and Nikki surprise Melinda with a giant check! Want a $5,000 check of your own? Tune into the KVJ show Monday – Friday at 7:10am to find out the Triple Play. Then listen to 97.9 WRMF until you hear those songs played in order. Be caller #9 and you could win $5,000 too! 97.9 […]

Cotton Candy now does the body good…if you drink it!

Yep, you can add Cotton Candy to your list of flavored milk, along with Banana Taffy and Blueberry Cobbler. This is for real. In celebration of the Texas State Fair, Texas-based Borden Dairy will roll out these new flavors in October. According to @SnackGator, the news source for junk food, Each tastes EXACTLY as the name […]

There Are Worse Places To Be Stuck…

About 100 Disney World guests had to be rescued after they got stuck aboard the park’s monorail. The monorail broke down late Thursday night, requiring fire and rescue crews to be called to the scene. Rescue workers used two cherry pickers to carry guests back to to the ground, which took more than an hour […]

Twitter Outraged by this Sexy Mr. Rogers Halloween Costume

Perhaps this is finally taking the whole “sexy” Halloween trend a bit too far? At least Twitter seems to think so. Head over to Yandy’s online store where the costume retailer sells its “Nicest Neighbor” getup, which features a nod to Mr. Rogers, only sexed-up with booty shorts and a deep plunging cropped sweater in his […]