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Half Of Americans Haven't Taken A Week-Long Vacation In More Than A Year!

If you’re commuting or already sitting at work right now in the United States, take a look around. There’s a good chance that half of the people you see are in serious need of some time off. According to Allianz Global Assistance’s 10th annual Vacation Confidence Index, more than half of Americans (51%) haven’t taken a […]

Cosby's star will NOT be removed from hollywood walk of fame…

The Hollywood Walk of Fame will not be removing Bill Cosby’s star, despite the comedian’s sexual assault conviction and now prison sentence. In a statement, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said the stars are “intended to be permanent” and that they do not remove them. The Chamber also claims that the stars “only commemorate the […]

Carrie Underwood to Perform on Kimmel !

Carrie Underwood is performing at this year’s American Music Awards, and right after that catch her on Jimmy Kimmel Live how bout dat? Carrie’s performance will be taken form her mini-concert that she did recently. Other guests for the night haven’t been confirmed yet.  The episode of Kimmel will air on ABC October 9. What’s […]

A Disney Princess Makeup Collection Is Coming!

If your child has dreams of becoming a Disney Princess, ColourPop is launching a makeup collection that could help make that dream come true. This isn’t ColourPop’s first time working with cartoon royalty. They’ve in the past collaborated with brands like “My Little Pony,” Alexis Ren, and others. The collection will consist of 18 “Disney […]

Pizza Lovers Dream Job: Be A Taste Tester for $1,000 Per Day!

Are you a pizza lover? Well here’s a job you need to sign up for immediately. Portable pizza oven company, Ooni is looking for taste testers to help them develop new recipes and products. If hired you could make up to $1000 per day, testers will give feedback on current products through their social media […]

The Five Most Fun Cities in the US

WalletHub compiled a list of the five most fun cities in the U.S.  The came up with the list by comparing 180 US cities on 65 different factors. The top five cities are; Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City, Atlanta, Miami. Did your favorite city make the list? What other cities in the U.S. would […]

Starbucks Testing Delivery With UberEats

Coffee fans here is some great news! Starbucks revealed that they are testing delivery with the UberEats app. Right now they are only testing the service in about 100 Florida locations with hopes to expand. The menu is also much less customizable due to the nature of the deliveries. Starbucks offers limited delivery in other […]

Coke in Talks for Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Coca-Cola Co. is in talks with cannabis producer to make beverages infused with marijuana. On Monday morning, Canadian news service BNN Bloomberg reported that Coke is talking with cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis about developing health-focused beverages that will ease inflammation, pain and cramping. “Along with many others in the beverage industry, we are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive […]

Modern Family Killing Off A Main Character!

Modern Family is going to be short a cast member next season. According to the show’s co-creator, Christopher Lloyd, the cast will be dealing with the death of a “significant character.” The event will be the focus of several episodes. There are a lot of rumors that this is the show’s final season so if […]

Will Christina and Britney Do a Song Together?

Christina Aguilera may be squashing an alleged longtime beef between her and Britney Spears by answering one question. “Will she ever do a song with Britney Spears?” Aguilera was on Kimmel and talked about how if social media was big back in the day she would’ve squashed certain crafted beefs with other singers.  “When I was […]

Will Drinking A Young Person's Blood Provide Anti-Aging Health Benefits?

“The Simpsons” proved this decades ago, when Springfield Nuclear Power Plant owner Montgomery Burns received a vital transfusion from Bart and was rejuvenated by his young blood. But could that happen in real life? Turns out, possibly. A recent study published in Nature claims that drinking the blood of a young person could have some anti-aging benefits. Now before […]

Target Exclusive Halloween Candy Is Back!

It’s not too early to begin getting your Halloween candy in order, and Target is helping you out with some cool exclusive candy to make your house the must stop of kids in your neighborhood. Last year, people loved the Cookies & Scream M&Ms, and this year will be no different with the candy that’ll […]

Krispy Kreme Is Bringing Back Chocolate Glazed Donuts

Chocolate lovers, Krispy Kreme is giving you a special gift. Krispy Kreme announced that they are going to bring back chocolate glazed donuts once a month! The base of their signature donut will remain the same it will just be dunked in a chocolate glaze. Starting Sept. 7th fans can get Chocolate Glazed Donuts on […]

Backstreet Boy's Anniversary Cake Throws Shade At NSYNC

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell and his wife Leighanne just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary. He used the happy occasion to poke fun at rival boy band NSYNC. Brian and his wife celebrated with cake at a restaurant however the special message on Brian’s plate said: “NSYNC SUCKS.” This is 18 minutes late…. but it’s also 18 […]

Speed Up Weight Loss With These Expert Tips!

With all the information regarding weight loss it can be hard to figure out what really works, here are a few tips from the expert in order to help you get your metabolism running and keep the weight off for good. 1. Drink Water: Water helps you feel full, so you eat less. “Consuming eight […]

Could You Give Up Social Media For A Month?

For some people in the U.K., this is their last day looking at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat for an entire month. The Royal Society for Public Health asked people to give up social media for 30 days in what they are calling Scroll-Free September. Organizers say at least 2,000 people have pledged to […]

Mariah Carey Wins $2 Million in Lawsuit

Mariah Carey just got a big win over promoters that were suing her for defamation and breach of contract. Promoter FEG Entertainmentos, alleged that Carey and her production company, Mirage, canceled two concerts in Chile and Argentina back in 2016. They also claimed Carey defamed them on Twitter, but the judge said it was just […]

Lady Gaga celebrates her birthday, in her birthday suit!

So how did Lady Gaga celebrate her birthday? She posted three nude photos on Instagram. Gaga was working with Eli Russell Linnetz for the photos, and before you get too excited, she did pixel out the lady parts.  These pictures are more in a long line of pictures posted by Gaga on Instagram, and has […]

HBO Gives Quick Peek at Season 8 of ‘Game of Thrones’

Even though you have to wait till next year for the eighth and final season of ‘Game of Thrones’, HBO is giving a quick peek at what’s to come for the final season in a new trailer. The footage is part of the latest HBO promo trailer for upcoming shows, but make sure to not […]

J. Lo Auctioning Clothes For Puerto Rico Relief

Another day another reason to love Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer is teaming up with the Hispanic Federation and the UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program to auction off part of her “Shades of Blue,” wardrobe to support relief efforts in Puerto Rico. She is hoping that her role as the dirty cop Harlee Santos will pay off […]

Real Men (Like Me) Take Care of Their Skin!

Recently, I met with our amazing licensed aesthetician Beverly at Lickstein Plastic Surgery. If you’ve ever heard me or my wife speak about their amazing HydraFacial…they are the true experts!  My wife is actually an expert in skincare as well…period.  Being that we’re in South Florida and that the sun is always beating down hard […]

We’ve Been Pronouncing Ariana Grande’s Name Wrong!

O-M-G! We have been pronouncing Ariana Grande’s last name wrong. Her last name should be pronounced “Gran-DEE.” During an interview she said it was her brother’s idea to change the pronunciation of her last name. Gran-DEE is the pronunciation her grandfather preferred. This revelation came to light when the host asked her if she was going […]

Aretha Franklin has passed away

Aretha Franklin, the long-reigning “Queen of Soul”, with such classics as “Think” and “Respect,” died this morning at age 76. The cause was advanced pancreatic cancer. May she rest in peace.

Starbucks Debuts Pumpkin Spice Cookie Straws

We aren’t quite in full pumpkin spice mode yet but Starbucks is slowly getting us ready. The latest item is Starbucks Pumpkin Spice cookie straws! It’s a rolled wafer cookie with white chocolate and pumpkin spice flavoring on the inside. You won’t find them at Starbucks stores. They will be available at select grocers. 20 […]

John Mayer buys new LA home from Adam Levine and gets robbed!

John Mayer’s LA Home Burglarized! John Mayer just bought his new Los Angeles home three months ago and perhaps he should have upgraded the security after the purchase. Police have confirmed the incident, which TMZ says happened on Friday afternoon when an intruder smashed a bedroom window. TMZ estimates the burglar made off with “$100,000 to 200,000” […]

Mariah Carey Cancels Upcoming Australian Tour

Seeing Mariah Carey perform live hasn’t been easy for fans in Australia, and unfortunately, it just got even harder. Earlier this year, Mariah, who was set to kick off her Australian tour in February, had to push back the tour until October. But yesterday, it was announced that the whole tour all together has been […]

McDonald's Giving Away A McGold Card And It Grants You Free Food For Life!

Owning a gold credit card has its privileges they say but only one grants you free food for life and it could be yours. McDonalds created a McGold card back in 1965 but since so very few own one, it has become the stuff of legend. Reportedly actor Rob Lowe and Microsoft creator Bill Gates are card […]

How You Can Win A Private Guitar Lesson From Ed Sheeran!

Does winning a backstage personal guitar lesson from Ed Sheeran sound like something you would love? The singer used YouTube to make a video announcing a contest where the prize is just that! The contest is designed to raise awareness and funds for Drop4Drop, a charity that aims to provide access to clean water to […]

Lady Gaga will be showing her 'poker face' at her Las Vegas Residency!

Details of Lady Gaga’s upcoming Las Vegas Residency are finally emerging. It’s now being revealed that the residency will comprise of TWO different shows, one called ‘Lady Gaga Enigma’ and one called ‘Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano’. ‘Lady Gaga Enigma’ will consist of performances of her pop hits, while ‘Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano’ will be […]