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What Is "The Word of the Year" according to Merriam-Webster?

Merriam-Webster has chosen “Justice” as their word of the year for 2018. According to Merriam-Webster’s editor, “justice” was a constant in their top 30 searches. The number of searches for the word was up 74 percent this year. “Justice” winning this honor most likely has something to do with the current news cycle. With the […]

Grab Your Christmas Cap’n Crunch Now!

Hey cereal lovers, now is your chance to pick up the limited edition Christmas Cap’n Crunch cereal! The holiday makeover for the popular cereal includes a box that has the Cap’n twisted up in holiday lights, and Santa hats and stars added to the regular cereal pieces. On the back of the box are cool […]

Ariana Grande and Her 93-Year-Old Grandmother Get Tattoos Together!

After Ariana Grande received her special honor as Billboard Music Woman of the Year, she celebrated by getting a tattoo with her 93-year old grandmother! Marjorie Grande, aka Nonna, said that she felt fine after and she’s had more excitement than this. So what did Nonna get? She got her late husband’s nickname, Ciccio, tatted […]

Pedestrians in one German town are "all shook up" with new traffic lights!

Yes, There Are Elvis Traffic Lights in a German Town Elvis’ face has been put on all types of memorabilia and now you can add traffic lights to the list. In Friedberg, Germany the town installed pedestrian traffic lights that incorporate his image so that pedestrians don’t get “all shook up” when crossing the street. […]

Emma Stone to Play a Young Cruella De Vil

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed a 2016 rumor that Emma Stone will indeed play a young Cruella de Vil in a live-action origin story of 101 Dalmatians. The movie, which is to be titled “Cruella,” will be set in the early 80s and sport a “punk vibe.” Disney is rumored to be in talks with […]

Baby Names Inspired by Health Foods Is the New Thing

The top baby names of 2018 have been revealed, but there’s a new baby trend that’s gaining steam and that’s naming your new child after health foods. Website BabyCenter says, “As fast food and processed snacks lose ground to clean eating and Paleo diets, more new parents are choosing baby names that reflect their love […]

Kate Middleton Only Carries 4 Items in Her Handbag – This Is What They Are!

In a recent book titled Kate: A Biography, it is revealed that Duchess Kate Middleton only carries four items in her purse. The items are: a compact mirror-makes sense, she constantly has cameras in her face. Lip Balm-again, cameras and no one wants to have dry lips. Handkerchief-classic. Most of us would probably trade that […]

Jim Carrey speaks on losing fans on Twitter

Jim Carrey spoke at the Vulture Festival over the weekend and spoke about how he could lose fans over the anti-Trump art that he posts on Twitter. “It was interesting, because when I first started playing on Twitter like everyone else, I got in trouble for being honest,” Carey said. “There was a lot of […]

New Do New You! Ariana Grande Debuts New Post Breakup Hair!

Thank you next! Ariana Grande is moving on from her ex Pete Davidson and has also moved on from her signature ponytail. Ariana shared a pic of her new ‘lob’ for fans on Instagram.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on Nov 15, 2018 at 4:28pm […]

What's The Right Way To Top A Hot Dog?

“Is a hot dog a sandwich?” is so last minute. The new internet rage surrounding the tubed meat is about the proper way to top your wieners and sausages. Normally franks are cradled by the bread, with mustard, onions, relish and the like going on top. But after an incident in Australia, one chain is now forced to […]

Nicole Kidman talks about Reese Witherspoon teasing her and Keith Urban

In the current issue of Allure magazine, Nicole Kidman talks about why she’s not Beyonce, her marriage to Keith Urban, and how her neighbor Reese Witherspoon teases her about their relationship. “We’re Australian so water is very therapeutic. We have a beach house, and we will get up before breakfast, and get in the ocean,” […]

Alex Trebek Reveals The Type of Jeopardy! Contestant That Bothers Him

Alex Trebek has seen many people win and lose on Jeopardy! But the long-time game show host admits there is one type of contestant that bothers him. “What bothers me is when contestants jump all over the board even after the Daily Doubles have been dealt with,” Trebek revealed during his Vulture interview. The strategy […]

Drink All the Wendy’s Frostys You Want for $2 !

The deal of the year is back once again for 2019! Wendy’s is selling their $2 Frosty key tags which means you can get a FREE Jr. size Frosty with any purchase all year! The best part? 85 percent of the money from the key tags sold, through the end of January of 2019, benefits […]

Adele Celebrates Spice Girls With Throwback Photo

Spice Girl fans around the globe were excited to hear that the ladies are getting back together for a reunion show next year even, superstar Adele. Adele shared a cute throwback picture that showed both her excitement at the news and her longtime love for the ladies.   View this post on Instagram   HA! This […]

12 Days of Giveaways at Lickstein Plastic Surgery

Did you enjoy just a tad too many holiday desserts…? well, we know exactly what you need to get back in shape. Introducing 12 Days of Giveaways at Lickstein Plastic Surgery; enjoy 12 days of amazing deals that you need to act on NOW before the days run out! The best part? 10% of CoolSculpting […]

Reese's Sets Up Machine in New York to Trade Unwanted Halloween Candy!

We have all created the pile of unwanted candy when sorting our loot from Halloween night. Thanks to Reese’s, you can now swap out your foul candy with their delectable peanut butter cups! Reese’s has set up a machine in New York that allows you to insert your unwelcome candy and receive Reese’s in its place.  […]

Hilary Duff Welcomes a Baby Girl!

Congratulations are in order for Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma on the birth of their baby girl.  Duff posted a picture on Instagram that said, “Banks Violet Bair…this little bit has stolen our hearts! She joined our world at home on Thursday and is absolute magic.”   View this post on Instagram   Banks Violet […]

Starbucks Gives Us Witch's Brew Frappuccino

Forget Pumpkin Spice! Starbucks has a spooky Halloween drink for you to try. The Witch’s Brew Frappuccino arrived in stores on Thursday. It’s made with orange creme Frappuccino, a green chia-seed swirl, and whipped cream. It looks like a scary concoction.  The drink is available for a limited time. What has been your favorite seasonal […]

Who Else Turned Down the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

We found out Thursday that Rihanna passed up the opportunity to perform at Super Bowl LIII, possibly due to her support of Colin Kaepernick and the kneeling issue. There’s another artist who said no to the NFL. Sources say Pink was also being courted to perform the halftime show for the upcoming Super Bowl in February […]

Haunted House giving away costumes for free! Why haven't we done this yet?

Attendees to the Frightmare Compound in Colorado won’t need to wear a costume this Saturday as the oldest haunted house in the state will give them away for free. To celebrate its 35th season, Frightmare Compound owner says he wanted to do “something different and cool that no one else has ever done before” for the community. […]

Nicole Kidman Says Being Married to Tom Cruise Kept Her From Being Sexually Harassed

Nicole Kidman recently opened up about her marriage to Tom Cruise during an interview with New York Magazine and explained that she felt ‘cocooned’ during her marriage with Cruise. Kidman who was married to Cruise from 1990 to 2001 said that she didn’t “marry for power, she married for protection.” “I married for love, but […]

Yes, You Can Buy “The Golden Girls” Cereal

The staying power of “The Golden Girls” is undeniable. The show debuted 25 years ago, and now you can start your day with “The Golden Girls” cereal. To get this morning boost of nostalgia, stop by Target and pick up a box to eat and one to add to your collection of Golden Girls memories. […]

Burger King’s Black Slushies Are Going Viral

Have you had the chance to taste Burger King’s latest offering for Halloween the Fanta Scary Black Cherry Slushie? The treat is going viral on the internet for two reasons, it tastes good and it’s black. Be warned though, BK’s Frozen Fanta drink is said to turn your teeth black and it’s been known to […]

I scream, you scream, we all scream for new Halloween themed Krispy Kreme!

No Trick, Krispy Kreme Has Halloween Donut Treats! In the spirit of Halloween, Krispy Kreme is unleashing Halloween treats that are sure to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. From today through the end of the month Krispy Kreme is offering up Halloween themed donuts. There will be four kinds that will include a Trick-Or-Treat Donut […]

This is why Michelle Williams 'gave up' driving, are you guilty of the same thing?

During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, actress Michelle Williams made a surprising revelation with regards to why she gave up driving. The Venom actress told the duo: “I stopped driving. I gave it up because I had road rage.” “I’m not going to go into who or what happened, but something came out of my […]

🎃 Baskin Robbins Offering Halloween Treats ! 🎃

I scream, you scream, we’ll all scream for the Halloween flavors of Baskin Robbins ice cream! Yes, just in time for Halloween, Baskin Robbins is bringing back their Trick Oreo Treat ice cream, and as an added bonus you can sink your teeth into some Fang-tastic Monster Cake too. Trick Oreo Treat is vanilla ice […]

Here Are Some Of The 70 New Emojis !😍

Apple Is Bringing To The iPhone Since human language is dying out and many of us have resorted to only writing in emojis, phone manufacturers have to keep creating more and more characters so people can properly communicate with each other. In their latest update for the iPhone operating system, released to beta testers on Tuesday, Apple has added 70 […]

The Teaser Trailer for “Rocketman” Is Out!

Music and Elton John fans are ready to see the the Elton John biopic, “Rocketman,” when it hits theaters next year. To get you ready for the movie a teaser trailer has just been released. Taron Egerton is playing a young Elton John, and is hinting that the movie will be a “musical fantasy” and […]