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Cardi B offers bold advice to Olivia Rodrigo: “Don’t let nobody restrict you from your voice”

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Stefan Kohli

Cardi B was touched to learn that “Drivers License” singer Olivia Rodrigo is inspired to be more open and vulnerable because of her music.

“Just even as a songwriter, some of the stuff that she says is just so honest and almost like shockingly honest,” Olivia gushed to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Tuesday. “She gives me courage to sort of say whatever I want to say and be honest in telling my story.”

The next day, Cardi took to Twitter to further encourage the teen singer and also drop off a few more pearls of wisdom.

Linking back to an article about Olivia’s chat with Zane, the “Up” rapper told her via Twitter, “This is so sweet. You doing sooo good for your age. Don’t let no toxic s*** get to you and don’t let nobody restrict you from your voice.”

Cardi then followed up with a separate tweet, which fans believe was also directed towards Olivia: “People will hate you because of the way other people love you.”

In Olivia’s Apple Music interview, she specifically mentioned that the “energy” of Cardi’s song “Get Up 10” helped her transform a “really painful moment” in her life into her hit song “Drivers License.”

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