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Can your zodiac sign predict what your favorite Halloween candy is?

Can your zodiac sign predict what your favorite Halloween candy is?  Probably not.  But someone went ahead and put together a list anyway.  Here are all 12 signs, and the candy you supposedly love the most . . .
1.  Aries:  Hot Tamales.  Because you have a “fiery” personality with lots of energy and enthusiasm.
2.  Taurus:  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  That one might be fairly accurate . . . just because it’s a lot of people’s favorite candy.
3.  Gemini:  Swedish Fish.  Because Geminis and Swedish Fish both get a bad rap.  But in reality, they’re “sweet as can be.”
4.  Cancer:  Sour Patch Kids.  Because they’re sour, then sweet.  And Cancers tend to be standoffish at first.
5.  Leo:  Skittles.  Because everyone loves Leos, and everyone loves Skittles.
6.  Virgo:  Almond Joy.  Because Virgos are practical, health-conscious, and modest.
7.  Libra:  Kit Kats.  Because Libras love to share, and Kit Kats come in twos or fours.
8.  Scorpio:  Warheads.  Because they’re intense, and Scorpios are brave.
9.  Sagittarius:  Salt Water Taffy.  Because you’re open-minded and don’t care if it’s not very popular.
10.  Capricorn:  Candy Corn.  Because Capricorns are traditional.  (And because they both have “corn” in their name, duh.)
11.  Aquarius:  Pop Rocks.  Because it’s the most eccentric and unique candy.
12.  Pisces:  Dubble Bubble Gum.  Because Pisces are intelligent and, quote, “big-time gum-chewers due to gum’s known effects on focus and memory.”