Can P!Nk & Avril Lavigne help Kesha’s defense against Dr. Luke?

Women in the music industry are coming to the defense of singer Kesha as she continues her long battle with music producer, Dr. Luke.
Kesha is being sued for defamation after Kesha accused him of sexual assault and verbal, mental and emotional abuse. Dr. Luke says that Kesha has cost him millions of dollars due to the allegations and that he lost business with P!nk and Avril Lavigne.
Sworn affidavits have been filed from both P!nk and Avril which state that “the reason I have not worked with Dr. Luke since 2006 has nothing to do with Kesha Sebert, her words, or her actions.” Lavigne statement cited the year 2007 as the date she ceased working with the producer.
Do you think that P!NK and Avril Lavigne coming to the defense of Kesha will make a difference in her case?