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BTS opens up about recording "Dynamite" and tease upcoming album

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BTS has a major announcement coming Wednesday, so to tide fans over until then, they offered up some intimate information about their global hit “Dynamite” in a new interview.

Speaking with Variety, the K-pop stars opened up about how their chart-topping single came to be, which is back to being number one on the Billboard charts.

RM revealed that the band had a very different vision when they first heard the song’s demo. 

“I tried to write some rap on that track, but nothing worked out really well,” he laughed before admitting that the group agreed to keep the demo as is because “It’s 2020, why not do some crazy things?”

The band did express reservations about recording a song in English, with Jungkook admitting, “We had to practice the pronunciation a lot to try and make sure that the feel and emotions of the lyrics were really reflected when we sang it.” 

He added that BTS translated the song into their native Korean to fully grasp the meaning of the song.

When asked if their upcoming album BE will include other singles in English, Suga confessed that “‘Dynamite’ was a special case” but there may be a possibility for one in the future if it’s right.

“Dynamite” was released long after the band became a global sensation and Jin believes they achieved success on their own terms because, “We just made music that we liked and that people liked in Korea, and then people outside of Korea began to like it.”  

“We never made a conscious effort to spread globally,” he continued. “I think it sort of happened organically; this connection happened on its own.”

BE (Deluxe Edition) hits stands on November 20.  Pre orders are available now.

By Megan Stone
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