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Britney Spears reportedly working on her own doc; Sarah Silverman addresses 2007 Britney roast

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Britney Spears wants to tell her story from her point of view.

Page Six reports that, in the wake of the unauthorized FX/New York Times documentary Framing Britney, the singer is prepping a film of her own: She’s working on a documentary about her life with a “top female filmmaker,” but she’s afraid that her dad Jamie could “take control” of the film so he ends up looking better in it.

A source tells Page Six, “He is drunk with power over Britney’s life. She wants to work, she wants to make music and perform, but he is too controlling…he doesn’t want her to see her friends, he doesn’t want her to meet other people in the entertainment business, he tells her that everyone has bad intentions for her — when it plainly isn’t true.”

However, the source adds that Britney “finally feels like there is light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel” as a result of Framing Britney, noting, “She feels, for the first time in many years, that people are on her side and things will get better for her.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Silverman is addressing her 2007 roast of Britney on the MTV VMAs, which has been surfaced by a Twitter user who demanded an explanation.  Britney’s performance on that show was universally panned.

Sarah replied, “I was known then 4 roasts. MTV asked me to mini-roast Britney after her big performance. While she was performing I was having diarrhea & going over my jokes. Had no idea she didn’t kill. Unfortunate. Art changes over yrs as we know more & the world changes.”

“I wish I could delete it but I can’t,” she added. “But you are posting it for people to see. So r u trying to be kind or right?”

By Andrea Dresdale
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