Featured | Jeff Miles

Boy with Autism could be the next Mozart…But that’s only part of the greatness in this story!

Jude Kofie is 11 years old and has Autism.  And he could be the next Mozart!  Jude has taught himself how to play the piano and those who know will tell you he is incredibly gifted, especially knowing he has had no formal training.  However, Jude’s family isn’t in the financial position to buy him a piano.  Enter Bill Magnusson, a piano tuner who was told about Jude and heard him play.  Bill was so enamored with Jude that he bought him a grand piano with $15,000 that was part of his $45k inheritance from his late father.  He also promised Jude that he would tune the piano for the rest of his life.  It doesn’t stop there because Magnusson is also paying for Jude to get professional lessons.  Listen to how his father so graciously reacted when the piano showed up at their home.