Blue Light Glasses- The Review


You have probably seen the trendy Blue Light Glasses all over the place.  Most of us have increased our screen time over the pandemic with phones, computers, zoom, gaming or whatever it is you do.  So I bought a pair and I’m early in on them, but so far so good.  Maybe it’s a placebo effect.  Maybe… but I also feel like even if you use them it can’t hurt right even if it doesn’t help.  Most are super cheap by the way and I got mine at Marshals for like 10 dollars.  Now many have written articles about these products and whether they do anything at all.  Check out this story from Popular Science here!

I’ll keep you updated but so far so good!  By the way I have perfect vision so I gets get lenses that have any enhancement lenses.  But you can just call me 4 eyes now:)

Have a great day!