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BLACKPINK lights up Netflix today with new documentary; director says "I hope it's inspiring to people"

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Courtesy of YG/Netflix

K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK has the number-two album in the country, and they’ve collaborated with Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Cardi B. Now, you can get the real story behind their success in the Netflix documentary Light Up the Sky, out today.

Light up the Sky offers a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the record-breaking foursome, their music-making process, their world tour, their Coachella performance and more.  You’ll also learn how Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa first came together as “trainees” at YG Entertainment’s pop star academy, where they were chosen from many other hopefuls to form BLACKPINK.

Director Caroline Suh tells ABC Audio, “As we were filming, I think it became clear that what I think the girls wanted — and what we were hoping for — is that they would be seen as three-dimensional people [and] that they have a chance to talk…at length about their experiences.”

“It’s just a very simple story of girls coming from different backgrounds and working really hard and and then becoming more successful than they could have imagined,” Suh adds. “So I hope it’s inspiring to people.”

According to Suh, even hardcore fans will learn something new.

“I don’t think the girls have spoken in the way that they speak in the film…we give them time to talk,” she stressed. “It’s not them just kind of having fun and goofing around — they can actually talk about what they’re thinking and feeling and their experiences.”

Overall, Suh says, BLACKPINK is a group of “hard-working, dedicated people who are trying to do their best.”

“They are truly dedicated to each other, and put the group before their own personal needs,” she notes. “And I think that’s a nice message right now.”  

By Andrea Dresdale and Jason Nathanson
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