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Billie Eilish proudly admits she’s a foster failure and shows off her new puppy

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ABC/Image Group LABillie Eilish has a new fuzzy companion to keep her company during self-quarantine.  

The “bad guy” singer candidly revealed late Sunday that she tried — and failed — to open her home to a tiny pit bull puppy.  Turns out, she fell in love right away and immediately signed the adoption papers.

“I failed at fostering teehee,” the 18-year-old ecstatically admitted in her Instagram stories and included a snippet of the adoption papers from Angel City Pit Bulls, a Los Angeles-based rescue. 

The next upload to Eilish’s Instagram stories reveals just how easy it was for her to become a foster failure.  There, cozied in her lap, is a tiny chocolate brown pit bull puppy.  There is no need for explanation in the  photo as the adorable pup is snoozing very contentedly.

The “bury a friend” singer didn’t disclose her new pet’s name, but it’s obvious her new companion is going to live a rather plush and spoiled life from now on.

Eilish isn’t the only celebrity who is an admitted foster failure.  

Last month, singer Selena Gomez tried fostering and later adopted a curly-haired pup named Daisy.  “I couldn’t help it,” she gushed while covering Daisy with kisses in her respective Instagram stories, “I have to keep her.”

Also in March, actor Kyle Chandler and his wife intended to foster a pup named Clive from Austin Pets Alive, but decided to rescue him instead.

Animal shelters have been reporting a positive trend to come from the COVID-19 pandemic: adopting and fostering rescue animals is on the rise because people don’t want to isolate by themselves.  

Rescues are encouraging the trend, advertising that fostering not only helps overwhelmed rescues, but it is scientifically proven that pets help reduce stress by encouraging more interaction, laughter, and exercise.

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