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Benee & the charts: New Zealand sensation blows up in the U.S. with “Supalonely”

Imogen Wilson

Imogen WilsonAlready a star in her native New Zealand, 20-year-old singer/songwriter Benee [pr. Benny] is breaking through in the U.S. with “Supalonely,” which has already soundtracked 11 million TikToks. Benny tells ABC Audio what it’s like watching her song take over American radio while she’s Down Under in quarantine.

“It has been very surreal watching ‘Supalonely’ kinda take off in the U.S. whilst being in isolation,” says Benny, born Stella Bennett.

“I feel like the fact that I’m at home and I’m on my phone more — because I’m not doing anything other than making music and being in my room — I feel like maybe it is kind of sinking in more, because I’m looking at it and thinking about it more,” she laughs.

“I dunno…it’s weird, but it’s been pretty interesting to watch it happen,” she concludes.

While “Supalonely” is super-catchy, it’s also deceptively happy-sounding.

“The whole kind of vibe of ‘Supalonely’ is upbeat and kind of fun, but obviously it’s not written about something happy,” Benny notes., “It was after a breakup that I wrote it, and I was feeling lonely and sad and I was in L.A….away from all my friends and my mom.”

But instead of writing “a really sad song,” Benee says she decided to “twist it,” writing a song that’s “super self-deprecating,” in which she mocked herself for being sad.

“That’s sometimes how I deal with my emotions when I’m upset. I kinda of joke around about it,” she explains. 

But, she notes, capturing the feeling of loneliness was still important.

“I wanted to make a song that someone could listen to when they’re feeling lonely and be like, ‘Oh! Everyone’s lonely,'” says Benee.  “That’s why I feel like it’s connecting so well to people now…we’re all in the same boat.”

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