Beige Flags are the New Red Flags


If you’ve been on any kind of dating app, or just dated in general, you’ve certainly heard of “red flags”.  In general, it means AVOID!  Turns out, there’s a new flag to watch out for.  Beige Flags.  Yup, it’s just as boring as it sounds.


Beige Flags are basically an indication that someone doesn’t put much effort into their profile, or is just incredibly boring.  Could actually be both.  It’s essentially leaning into “safe” generic interest and hobbies.  Examples would be “going to the gym” “liking puppies”…you get the idea.


There’s also a list of ones to look out for!  Check out this list from Caitlin MacPhail…*the* founder of the term “beige flag.  (Check her out on social – @itscaito)


  1. All of their photos are selfies
  2. Their hobbies are general
  3. They make any reference to a mainstream sitcom
  4. Their fluent language or love language is listed as “sarcasm”
  5. They are looking for someone to “go on adventures with”
  6. They consider themselves a “plant parent” (honorable mention for dog parent?”
  7. They use the word “foodie”
  8. They include their opinion of the oxford comma

Yup, these look familiar!