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Bebe Rexha had to teach Kesha how to use Instagram filters

ABC/Lou Rocco

ABC/Lou RoccoIt seems so common to see celebrities having fun with various filters when chatting with fans on Instagram.  However, there was one singer who admittedly had no idea how to use them until Bebe Rexha came to the rescue.

Keshaduring a live conversation with Rexha on Thursday, revealed that she didn’t have the slightest clue how to properly use an Instagram filter. 

“How do I put a filter on, f***!,” the “Praying” singer exclaimed with a smile,  demanding that Bebe “share these secrets.”

Immediately, Rexha agreed, “Imma teach you” and expertly directed her friend to the correct icon.  “See the smiley face with the three stars on it?”  She explained, “Press on it!”

The “Meant to Be” singer added that Kesha can choose any filter she wanted, marveling over how cute some of them are.

During that time, Kesha picked one at random, which was the “LED Starburst” filter for those curious, and gasped in delight when it worked. 

“Oooh,” she mused approvingly before going through an entire catalog, such as a winter-themed filter and one that made her look 3-D.  Each time a new filter came up, the girls adorably giggled and traded “oohs” and wide-eyed expressions.

When Kesha settled on a filter that had flowers blooming in her hair, Bebe immediately complimented, “I think that’s more you.”  However, Kesha joked it looked “so trippy.”

The video ends with “Tik Tok” singer checking herself out, seeming completely satisfied that she learned an important new trick.

(WARNING: Instagram video contains uncensored profanity)

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