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“Be an introvert, save the world”: Shawn Mendes, Lizzo, Meghan Trainor & more pledge to practice social distancing

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ABC/Image Group LAIf you’re frustrated about social distancing, take heart in the knowledge that everyone — including your favorite artists — are making changes to their lives in the name of health and safety.

Shawn Mendes, Lizzo, Meghan Trainor, Bebe Rexha, Jason Derulo, Ryan Tedder and Billie Eilish‘s brother and musical collaborator Finneas are just some of the creatives who’ve pledged to “press pause” on all their social activities.

The idea comes from hitmaking producer Ricky Reed, who writes in a post on Medium, “It’s time to stop. We might be in good health, young, unbothered. But this virus is not sparing our parents and grandparents. It is not sparing our immunocompromised brothers and sisters. It is not sparing kids with asthma. And an overwhelmed health care system won’t have space for anyone sick for any reason (that includes YOU!) if we don’t act now.”

Reed goes on to call for artists to promise “no [recording or songwriting] sessions. No meetings. No shows. No going to packed bars. No eating at restaurants. No brunch.”

Instead, Reed suggests that artists try songwriting over FaceTime or Skype, or schedule Instagram Live Sessions, or use Twitch for live streaming.  Or better yet — do stuff alone.

“Songwriters, when was the last time you wrote a song alone?” he asks. “Artists, some of the greatest albums have been made in isolation. Use this time.”

“Please, let’s band together by staying apart,” says Reed. “Our family over on the live music side has already been forced to shut down. Let this also serve as a show of solidarity with them. We only have one chance to slow this thing down before it gets truly scary and the time is right now. Like, right now.”

Check out Reed’s post to see all the artists and creatives who’ve taken the pledge.

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