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Bazzi’s back and feeling “Young & Alive”

iamcosmic/Atlantic Records

iamcosmic/Atlantic RecordsBazzi‘s just dropped his first new music since last August: a single and video called “Young & Alive.

It’s the first release from his upcoming album, and the “Beautiful” singer says in a statement, “‘Young & Alive’ was really me just getting back to my roots and looking for that youth in myself again. It’s interesting because this song has such a bright, full-of-life-type energy to it, but when making it I didn’t feel that way.”

“When making it, I was in a darker place and while making it, I was almost opening myself up back to that and going back to that pure kid-like state which we all chase, and that’s where the magic was, that present-ness,” he explains.

“‘Young & Alive’ is me trying to capture that feeling and give it to people, so we can share it and find warmth in it. I hope the world enjoys.”

In the song, Bazzi sings, “Riding my bike like I’m too young to drive/careless and free/Like it’s 2005/Had to chill the f*** out/take a trip out of time/to have fun with my friends/like I’m young and alive.”

The song’s video packs a punch: Bazzi goes into a gray room that’s empty except for a stationary bike and a VR headset. As he pedals, the VR headset makes him feel as though he’s riding a bike through the country.  He meets a beautiful girl, takes her to a club, drives with her and some friends to the beach, hangs out at a bonfire, and then drives off as the sun comes up.

As the song ends, he removes the headset sadly and leaves the room. Through a window, we can see the world outside is a smoking ruin of devastation.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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