Baseball Returns!


MLB returns after a four month delay due to the covid. Baseball’s 2020 season is starting up on Thursday.

For Opening Day, fans get to watch Washington Nationals host the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the San Francisco Giants.

The other 26 teams will start their seasons on Thursday including my team the Boston Red Sox.

In 66 days, teams will play 60 games as part of the agreement between the league and the players association.

No fans in the stands and other new normal rules exist. Details below:

  • Fans will not be allowed at stadiums. Games will be televised.
  • Teams will play games in their division and interleague based on regional division opponents. For example, the Yankees will play 40 games against teams in the American League East and 20 games against National League East opponent, which will help limit travel during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Postseason play will not be any different then it was in 2019. There will be three division-winners and two wild-cards per league.
  • To begin the season, rosters will expand to 30 active players. After two weeks, 28 players will be on the list, then after four weeks, it’ll drop to 26.
  • To make sure injuries are prevented to pitchers, the designated hitter will be universal in 2020
  • To prevent marathon games, if a game goes into extra innings, runners will be placed on second base
  • Brawls are strictly prohibited.