Bags Of ONLY Banana Laffy Taffy?! They're The Only Ones I Liked Anyway!

I mean really, aren’t they the first ones that are gone when you eat them!?  And if I am going to risk pulling out a tooth eating one, it better be on my fav flavor!
Well if you love the banana flavored Laffy Taffy you’re going to love the news that banana-only bags are coming to store shelves.
Comic and actor Joel McHale started the push for the exclusive bags on April Fool’s Day when he posted on Instagram that he couldn’t find the flavor in his bags of Laffy Taffy.
Eventually, Joel’s wishes came true and now banana-flavored bags of Laffy Taffy are available nationwide for a limited time.
What’s your favorite Laffy Taffy flavor? What candy is a must-have?