Baby Shark Saves Lives, Clowns Terrorize A Neighborhood, Spice Girls and More! It’s All On Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

People of the world!  Every boy and every girl!  Get on the bus!  The Spice Girls bus!!!  From the Movie Spice World back in 90’s!!!!

3 lucky fans the chance to spend the night on the bus for two nights in London’s Wembley Park.
Booking for the bus will start on May 22 at 2am and will be available ONLY June 14 and 15 at $127 a night.
You know how much I love weird things….any combos are wonderful! Sharktopus….Piranhaconda…SHARKNADO!
Well, there is a new horror flick combining 2 of our biggest fears…Clowns and Tornados! CLOWNADO!!
Cursed demonic circus clowns set out for revenge using tornadoes!  It will be out sometime this summer!
Should you choose to see this cinematic masterpiece, you won’t see a single actor or actress you recognize but you will see lots of circus freaks and an Elvis impersonator!
Disney is at it again redoing a classic!  Could “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” getting a reboot? Sounds like it and Josh Gad will be in it!
Rumored to be called “Shrunk”, Josh will be playing a grown up Nick – one of the kids who was shrunk in the original.
No word if this will go direct to streaming or to the theater.
PS – the live-action re-imagination of Disney’s Aladin with Will Smith is in theaters next week, just in time for the long holiday weekend!