“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Gets New Friendlier Lyrics Courtesy Of John Legend & Kelly Clarkson. RIDICULOUS!

JOHN LEGEND and KELLY CLARKSON have recorded a new version of the holiday classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, with updated lyrics.

Of course, there are purists who will NOT be happy about this.  But over the years, some people have come to see the guy in the song as anything from a creep to a would-be date rapist.

The new version makes it VERY clear that nothing nonconsensual is going to happen.  Here’s a sample:

Kelly:  “What will my friends think?”,

John:  “I think they should rejoice.”

Kelly:  “If I have one more drink?”

John:  “It’s your body and your choice.”

And then there’s . . .

Kelly:  “I really can’t stay.”

John:  “Baby it’s cold outside.”

Kelly:  “I’ve gotta go away.”

John:  “I can call you a ride.”

Kelly:  “This evening has been. . .”

John:  “So glad that you dropped in.”

Kelly:  “So very nice.”

John:  “Time spent with you is paradise.”

Kelly:  “My mother will start to worry.”

John”  “I’ll call a car and tell ’em to hurry.”