Axe Body Spray Causes Bus Evacuation!

A Florida school bus had to be evacuated after fumes made several of the students on board ill. The source of the sickening odor? A can of Axe body spray.

The incident occurred Monday in Parrish after a prankster “discharged an excessive amount” of the scented men’s body spray on the bus, leaving 15 passengers with “mild respiratory irritation,” according to the Parrish Fire Department. A total of 30 students were evacuated, after which their parents were called to pick them up, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Investigators are reviewing the bus’ security camera footage in hopes of determining who committed the smelly deed, sheriff’s officials say.

Have you ever worked or gone to school with someone who always wore way too much cologne or perfume? How do you tell someone they’re overdoing it without being offensive?