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Ava Max to release long-awaited debut album 'Heaven & Hell' on September 18

Atlantic Records

Ever since she broke out with “Sweet But Psycho,” fans have been waiting for news of Ava Max‘s debut album — and now we’ve finally got a release date.

Heaven & Hell will arrive September 18, and Ava says of the project, “I put my heart and soul into making it and cannot wait to share my music with everyone.”

To follow up the current single “Kings & Queens,” Ava’s just dropped another song and video from the album: “Who’s Laughing Now.”

The album evidently has an A side and a B side, with A being “Heaven” and B being “Hell” — the video begins with the words “Side B: Hell,” followed by “Who’s Laughing Now.”

In the clip, Ava plays several parts: A brunette office worker fired by a guy dressed just like Gary Cole‘s loathsome boss character Bill Lumbergh in the comedy classic Office Space; a wronged girlfriend destroying her cheating boyfriend’s car with a crowbar; a red-haired woman in an insane asylum wearing a straitjacket; and her usual blonde self, in an alley dancing with a group of women.

“Pushed me to the edge, now it’s over/Shuttin’ off the hate, gettin’ closure/This will be the dust when I’m older,” Ava sings. “Ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha/who’s laughing now?”

You can pre-order the album now and also buy merch bundles at Ava’s online store.

By Andrea Dresdale
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